Once Upon a Time Recap: Merida Reveals True Bravery in "The Bear and the Bow"

Once Upon a Time Recap: Merida Reveals True Bravery in "The Bear and the Bow"

Welcome to the official Once Upon a Time recap for Season 5, Episode 6 “The Bear and the Bow” (original airdate November 1, 2015). In the present, Emma plots to have Rumple pull Excalibur from the stone. In the past, David, Hook, Belle and Merlin break into Arthur’s castle. They free Lancelot and Merida (Amy Mason). The latter is desperate to rescue her brothers. She knocks Belle unconscious. She needs her help to find her brothers. See how this mission turns out along with all the other pursuits of both heroes and villains in the Magical Moments recap below.

Home of the Brave: Merida approaches the men who are holding her brothers captive. She drinks a potion that’s supposed to turn her into a ferocious bear, but nothing happens. That’s because Belle switched it with water. She knows she can save her brothers on her own. Three arrows are fired at Merida’s brothers. Their deaths are imminent unless someone acts fast.

Reunited: In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold asks for forgiveness from Baelfire before smashing the chipped teacup. He uses the broken pieces to break free from his bindings. When no one jumps onboard with her plan to help Rumplestiltskin, Belle sets off on her own to find him. Rumple ends up finding her.

Bear Necessities: Belle can’t go along with Gold’s plan. She heads back to Storybrooke. She runs into Merida, who is forced by Emma to drink a potion that turns her into a bear. Belle runs for her life. She’s eventually cornered. She pleads with Merida, but it’s not working.

Deep Fried Cravings: Emma breaks Zelena out of prison. She presents her with some much-desired onion rings before showing her the Apprentice’s wand. Emma wants her help. Will onion rings be enough to seal the deal?

Ushering In a New Warning: In 1989 Minneapolis, a young Emma Swan swipes a box of candy at the movies. An usher, who happens to know her name, warns her that bad things happen whenever you do something you’re not supposed to do. One day, Emma will have the opportunity to remove Excalibur from its stone. That day has come.

Rumple Removes Excalibur: In the cavern where the sword sits in the stone, Gold offers Emma a deal. He’ll pull Excalibur in exchange for Merida’s heart. Gold tells Belle that he’s sorry for all that he’s done before grabbing the sword. He then removes Excalibur from the stone. He tosses it Emma’s feet and reveals Emma’s mistake. See what it is:

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