Magical Moments Recap: Season 4 Finale "Operation Mongoose"

Magical Moments Recap: Season 4 Finale "Operation Mongoose"

In present day Storybrooke, Gold asks Isaac to write him a story where his memories having him believing that his son saw him as a hero. The Author can oblige. He continues to write. Eventually, he reaches "The End." Once he pens those words, there’s shaking and flashes of bright light. What just happened? Let’s find out in the Magical Moments for the Season 4 Finale "Operation Mongoose" episodes of Once Upon a Time (original airdate May 10, 2015).


An Alternate World: Henry awakens to find that he is alone in Storybrooke. His family is trapped in an alternate world in another book. Henry uses the key to go in after them. Isaac follows. They are both in the final chapter. The book’s story ends with the loud tolling of bells and everything will end exactly as he wrote it. Before that, Henry must survive an ogre attack. A brave knight swoops in to save the day. His name: Rumplestiltskin.


A Boy in the Hood: Henry discovers where Emma is and Regina learns that Robin Hood is marrying Zelena. Snow White captures Regina. She is about to rip out her heart when she’s reminded about the boy. Regina tries to reason with the queen. It doesn’t go over well. It’s Evil Snow versus Hero Regina. Snow White is about to hurl a fireball at Regina when Robin Hood swoops in to save her.


Finding Emma: Henry approaches Hook. He needs him to set sail for the Bottomless Sea to save Emma That can’t happen. Hook is just a deckhand on Captain Blackbeard’s ship. Henry doesn’t accept that. He knocks Blackbeard unconscious so he and Hook are free to set sail on the Jolly Roger. They penetrate that impenetrable fortress.


Hook’s Sacrifice: Emma takes a few moments to teach Hook how to wield a sword. Their lesson is interrupted when Snow White shows up. Emma’s attempt to convince her that’s not really an evil queen falls flat. Hook sends Emma away so she can save Henry. He’s fearful, but takes on Prince Charming in a duel nonetheless.


Action Moms: Emma convinces Regina to go after her true love. She missed her opportunity to tell Hook that she loved him. She doesn’t want Regina to make the same mistake. The race is on to stop the wedding. Unfortunately, they have to get past Rumplestiltskin first.


Regina the Savior: FLASH! Henry stands over an awakening Regina on the streets of Storybrooke. Everyone else is back, too. Everyone but Hook, as Emma fears the worst. Then she feels the best as Hook appears. Emma rushes to him. She appears as if she’s about to tell him that she loves him, but stops just short of doing so. None of this could have happened if not for Regina’s heroic act and Henry’s quick thinking.


Darkness Rising: After declaring that she still loves Gold, Belle lets everyone know they are in danger. The Apprentice pulls the darkness from Rumple’s heart by using the magic hat, but it escapes into Storybrooke. The only one who can destroy it is the Sorcerer: Merlin. Until they find him, Emma knows the Darkness has to be tethered to a person. She tells the others they need to be heroes to figure out a way to take to save her again. She tells Hook she loves him. Emma raises dagger in the air to do what she knows must be done.



The Author Writes a New Book for Gold|The Author begins to write "Heroes and Villains."|The Author begins to write "Heroes and Villains," a new book for Mr. Gold. Will Rumplestilskin cost the heroes their happy endings? From Once Upon a Time season 4 episode 21, "Mother."

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