6 Times Elsa & Anna Were Perfect in the <i>Once Upon a Time</i> Premiere

6 Times Elsa & Anna Were Perfect in the <i>Once Upon a Time</i> Premiere

At long last, Elsa and Anna made their debut on the Once Upon a Time season 4 premiere! Here are the six moments we think they were absolute perfection.

1) Everything. About. Elsa.

The braid! Those cheekbones! And that icy cold gaze! From the moment Georgina Haig appears, it's clear she is Elsa!



2) Anna's Adorable Antics

Though Elizabeth Lail certainly looks like Elsa's younger sister, it's her sweet, rambling personality that makes her the perfect Anna. Just hearing her whimsical wedding ideas makes us want to build a snowman with her!



3) Their Bond Is Stronger Than Ever

When Elsa is devastated by what she learns in her mother's diary, Anna is right there to comfort here. "You have a sister; you're never gonna be alone. Other than when I'm not around...even then, I'll be there in spirit." Awww!



4) They Have Trolls for Relatives!

Now that Anna and Kristoff are getting married (!), of course Grandpabbie and the trolls who raised Kristoff will be Anna's in-laws. And seeing the two royal sisters interact with their new troll family is a pure delight.





5) She's Not Bossy, She's the Queen

Scott Michael Foster totally captures Kristoff's goofy charm, and the reindeer playing Sven steals the show with his incredible expressions. But our favorite part of this scene is when Elsa reminds us why we love her so much, telling Kristoff, "I'm not bossy; I'm the Queen."  



6) They Never Give Up on Each Other

In her typical spunky fashion, Anna insists on finding out the truth about her parents to ease Elsa's heartache, even if that means sailing away the day before her wedding. In present day Storybrooke, Elsa finds the necklace Anna wore that day, and vows to find her sister. The bond between these two very different sisters is sincere, sweet, and strong – in a word, perfection!




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