First Look: The Queens of Darkness

First Look: The Queens of Darkness

In the Winter Finale, we got a first look at the Queens of Darkness working together against Rumplestiltskin in a time long ago.



In the season 1 episode "The Thing You Love the Most," the Evil Queen turns to her only friend Maleficent for help getting rid of Snow White. When Maleficent won't agree to return the Dark Curse, the two have an epic fight.


In "A Land Without Magic," Prince Charming is surprised to learn the beast he seeks is actually Maleficent, who takes the form of a dragon and goes after him.


In"Ariel," the Evil Queen takes on the Ursula's identity to manipulate others, believing the sea queen is a myth. But she learns the hard way how real Ursual is when she appears in a magical looking glass to scold Regina for her actions.


What does Rumple really want with Ursula and Cruella de Vil? And how does Maleficent fit into their plan? Tune in to Once Upon a Time return SUNDAYS 8|7c to find out.