Sneak Peeks: Family Business

Sneak Peeks: Family Business

In the Once Upon a Time season four episode "Family Business," the race is on to track down the elusive Snow Queen, who was once a foster mother to a young Emma − whose memories of this event have been erased − in order to discover what her ultimate end game is for Elsa and the residents of Storybrooke. Uaware that she does not possess the real blade that controls The Dark One, Belle attempts to use it to get her reluctant husband to show her where the Snow Queen is hiding. Meanwhile, back in the past, Belle travels to Arendelle and, with Anna's help, seeks out Grand Pabbie to help her regain her lost memories in order to discover the fate of her mother.

In this sneak peek video from "Family Business," Anna returns to Elsa, who has an icy surprise for her. Tune in SUNDAY NOV 2 8|9c to Once Upon a Time.


Plus, check out some of our favorite Anna moments so far this season!

Anna Tries on Her Mother's Wedding Gown

While Anna tries on her mother's wedding gown, Elsa discovers her mother's diary. From the season 4 episode, "A Tale of Two Sisters."


Anna Teaches Charming to Sword Fight

Anna gives Charming the skills and confidence he needs to defeat Bo Peep. From the season 4 episode, "White Out."


Anna Faces Rumplestiltskin

Rumple needs Anna to gain access to the Sorcerer's Hat. From the Once Upon a Time season 4 episode, "The Apprentice."