Magical Moments: The Apprentice

Magical Moments: The Apprentice

Welcome to the Magical Moments Report for the "The Apprentice" episode of Once Upon a Time. Here you’ll find highlights and insights for the recent events affecting Storybrooke, Fairy Tale Land and more. WARNING: There are spoilers here if you haven’t yet seen the episode. Enjoy!

Dinner for Two: Emma asks Hook out on a date. A real date. Hook accepts on one condition: he gets to plan the evening. He goes off to see Gold about reattaching his lost hand. He wants to be able to hold Emma should their evening go well. Gold warns that the hand belonged to the man Hook used to be. Reattaching it could have repercussions. This could put a damper on dinner.

Past and Present Tenseness: In the past, a sorcerer’s apprentice faces a Dark One. This isn’t the first time he’s done this. Every Dark One has come after a mysterious box. The apprentice vows that none of them will ever possess what’s inside. In present day Storybrooke, Mr. Gold waves his dagger over the box. Will he be the first to succeed in what the apprentice has said cannot be done?

This Is Only a Test: Anna goes to see Rumplestiltskin. He knows who she is and why she’s there. He’ll share the details of the info she seeks if Anna does something for him first. She’s to put a small vile of liquid in the tea of a prickly old man, who looks a lot like the sorcerer’s apprentice from before. Anna can’t bring herself to go through with her mission. She dumps the contents of the vile into the fire. She has no idea that the Dark One had anticipated this.

Pushed to the Limits: Rumple lets Anna know that her parents wanted something to take away her sister’s powers forever. They never found what they were looking for. There’s only one thing that could give them what they wanted. It’s a hat with the power to take away magic. Anna knows that it’s up to her to stop the Dark One.

There’s a Job to Do: Henry knows that the reason Robin Hood’s kiss didn’t revive Marian is because he’s still in love with his mom. He realizes that there one villain out there who must have discovered how to rewrite his happy ending. Henry is going undercover as part of Operation: Mongoose. He needs to get information from his grandfather, aka Rumplestiltskin, who just had a threatening exchange with Hook. Here’s what went down when Henry approaches with a proposal:

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