Magical Moments: Fall

Magical Moments: Fall

Welcome to the Magical Moments for the "Fall" episode of Once Upon a Time. Here you'll find highlights and insights for the recent events affecting Storybrooke, Fairy Tale Land and more. WARNING: There are spoilers here if you haven't yet seen the episode. Enjoy!

Putting Up a Good Fight: In Arendelle past, Anna realizes that Rumplestiltskin has the urn that holds her sister. She and Kristoff are on the hunt for something known as a Wishing Star that was tracked to a pirate named Blackbeard. Their attempt to act on this information is nearly thwarted by Hans, but they manage a daring escape.

Make a Wish: Anna and Kristoff are put into a chest and tossed off the Jolly Roger. Back at the beach, Elsa vows to not give up hope. She makes a wish that Anna were with her now. Water swirls in the ocean. A flash of light from a portal blinds Elsa and Emma. The chest that had previously been sinking in the sea suddenly washes up on shore. Anna and Kristoff free themselves to see that someone is waiting for them.

Exit Plan: The Spell of the Shattered Sight will bring out a darkness causing everyone to tear each other apart. Gold, along with Hook as his reluctant servant, develops his exit strategy. It involves using power of fairies to cleave himself of the dagger. First, Gold needs to get his wife away from the fairies first. Then Hook traps all who remain in the magic hat.

Tough to Say Goodbye: Regina takes Henry to Robin Hood’s camp. She warns that all of his men need to scatter before the spell hits. They share a kiss. Later, Regina seals Henry safely away in the mayor’s office. She then heads off to lock herself in her vault much to Robin Hood’s dismay.

Lock Up, Lock Lips: As the Spell of the Shattered Sight gets ever closer, Emma must lock her parents in jail cells so they can’t hurt each other. She takes baby Neal in her care. Her mother and father don’t fear her magic. They know it is what will save them. Hook shows up at the sheriff’s station. He had to see Emma one last time before locking himself away. The two of them share a kiss. Then they say goodbye.

Darkness Falls: Everyone in Storybrooke is locked away from others. The Spell of Shattered Sight is upon them. Emma provides cover for her brother. Elsa hugs her sister as Anna stares into Kristoff’s changing gaze. In their adjoining jail cells, Mary Margaret and David hold hands until the spell overtakes them. The look of love that was in their eyes just moments ago is gone. Something else has taken its place. Something very, very dark.

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