5 Enchanting Gift Exchanges from <i>Once Upon a Time</i>

5 Enchanting Gift Exchanges from <i>Once Upon a Time</i>

It doesn’t matter if you are good or evil – naughty or nice, there will always be a gift awaiting you on Once Upon a Time. Here are just a few things the people of Storybrooke (and elsewhere) can find underneath the tree.

1.His Mother’s Ring: From Charming, To Snow

In season 1 episode 22, “A Land Without Magic,” Prince Charming uses his mother’s wedding ring to find Snow White and wakes her from a sleeping curse. After she awakens, Charming proposes to Snow, giving her his mother’s ring. 

Prince Charming Proposes to Snow White|Prince Charming finally finds Snow White -- but is it too late?|Prince Charming uses his mother's wedding ring to lead him to Snow White, but he discovers she has been put under a sleeping curse. Can true love's kiss save her? From Once Upon a Time Season 1 episode, "A Land Without Magic."


2. A Looking Glass Portal: From Rumplestiltskin, To Regina

In the season 2 episode 2, “We Are Both,” Rumplestiltskin presents Regina with a gift: a looking glass, which he calls a portal to "a specific, annoying little world.” Young Regina later shoves her cruel mother, Cora, into the portal.

3. Good Memories: From Regina, To Emma

Because of Pan’s curse, Emma and Henry have to leave Storybrooke forever in season 3 episode 11, “Going Home.” Before Emma and Henry depart, Regina gives them the gift of good memories. 

4. The Storybook: From Mary Margaret, To Henry

As Henry’s caring teacher, Mary Margaret reveals that she initially gave a lonely Henry the storybook in order to give him hope in season 1, “Pilot.” We see her physically give it to him in a flashback in season 3, episode 11, "Going Home."

5. Snow Flake Necklace: From Elsa, To Anna

When Anna tries on their mother's wedding dress, Elsa gives her sister a special new gift: a snowflake necklace. From season 4 episode 1 “A Tale of Two Sisters.”


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