Fifty Shades of Graham: Jamie Dornan on <i>Once Upon a Time</i>

Fifty Shades of Graham: Jamie Dornan on <i>Once Upon a Time</i>

Before he was Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, sexy Jamie Dornan melted hearts as Sheriff Graham Humbert and The Huntsman in season 1 of Once Upon a Time. Here are the top 50 reasons why we still love Graham.




 WATCH: Graham Arrests Emma

1. He makes a shiny sheriff star badge look cool.

2. Has impeccable manners, even when arresting someone.

3. Much like Christian Grey, he carries his own handcuffs.


WATCH: Regina threatens Graham


4. He's not afraid of Regina.

5. In a town of strange happenings, he's a voice of reason.

6. His eyes are smoldering pools of desire.



WATCH: The Sheriff takes Emma's mugshot.

7. That Irish accent! 



 WATCH: Graham tries to flirt with Emma.

8. He's adorably bad at flirting.

9. Wears a leather jacket with a tie and vest − and somehow makes it work!

10. Cute eyebrow movement when he talks.



 WATCH: The Sheriff asks Emma to be his deputy. 

11. Knows how to get a woman's attention.

12. Equal opportunity employer.

13. He's not afraid to ask for help.




 WATCH: Emma catches Graham sneaking out of Regina's.

14. Embarrassed by his relationship with Regina — as he should be!

15. He really does volunteer at an animal shelter. 



WATCH: Graham has a startling experience when he kisses Emma.

16. He cares what Emma thinks of him.

17. Knows how to plant a kiss. 

18. Not too proud to apologize.

19. The poor guy just wants to feel something! (Aww!)



WATCH: Graham has a startling experience when he kisses Emma. 


20. He's a fierce yet honorable hunter.

21. Sheds a tear for the sacrifice of his prey.

22. Knows how to say thank you.

23. Wears baby blue boxer shorts.

24. Looks pretty darn good without a shirt.


WATCH: Graham reunites with his wolf friend.


25. He's an animal lover.

26. Did we mention he was raised by wolves? Hot.

27. Will kick some ass for a noble cause.

28. He values the pure of heart.


WATCH: Will the Huntsman kill Snow White?


29. The man can rock some body armor.

30. He's a good listener. 



WATCH: The Huntsman spares Snow White — but at what cost?


31. Will take the time to read a handwritten letter.

32. He's not afraid to let a tear fall down his beautiful, beautiful face.

33. Shows compassion.

34. Does the right thing, even at his own peril. 

35. He's good with his hands.



 WATCH: Henry shows Graham the Storybook.

36. Good with kids.

37. He's a True Believer.

38. Always remembers to say thank you – even when he's in a hurry to find his wolf to help him get his heart back. (It's complicated.)



WATCH: Emma shares a tender moment with Graham, who worries he lost his heart.


39. He shows heart, even though he doesn't actually have a heart. (Like we said, it's complicated.)

40. Can wear a popped collar without looking like a jerk.

41. When he looks into Emma's eyes, you can feel him peering into your soul.


WATCH: The Evil Queen takes the Huntsman's heart for sparing Snow White.


42. He sacrifices his own heart for another's — literally.

43. His scruffy beard is somehow sexy.

44. So is his curly mop of hair.




WATCH: When Graham breaks up with Regina, she starts a fist fight with Emma.

45 He dumped Regina!

46. He'd rather be alone than in a bad relationship.

47. Stands up for himself — and Emma.



 WATCH: Emma and Graham's tender moment ends when Regina crushes his heart. 

48. He's a good nursemaid.

49. His kisses are intense!

50. He died a hero.




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