Season 4 Catch-Up: Everything You Need to Know to Dive In Now

Season 4 Catch-Up: Everything You Need to Know to Dive In Now

All-new episodes of Once Upon a Time return SUNDAY 8|7c, but if you haven’t quite caught up on all the action in Storybrooke, there’s no need to fret. We have you covered with all the essentials you need to know before the show makes its return. Here’s where we left off:

Rumplestiltskin/Queens of Darkness

After realizing Rumplestiltskin will never give up his power for her, Belle has enough and commands Rumple to leave Storybrooke, letting go of him forever. Banished by his love, Rumple is found walking through the streets in present-day New York City. There, he pays a visit to Ursula at her job at the aquarium, enlisting her help in finding the Author in order to get their happy ending. Together they will take on the heroes who stand in their way. They have two more stops to make and then the Queens of Darkness will be back together once again.



Regina sets aside her feelings and helps revive Marian, even though it means losing Robin. To make matters worse, Marian isn’t completely cured from the Snow Queen’s curse. In order to be saved, she needs to go where there is no magic, meaning Robin, Marian and Roland need to cross the town line. Because of the curse, it’s a one-way trip. Robin and Regina share a heartbreaking final kiss before he joins his family on the other side of the town line. 



Poor Emma is on the brink of losing yet another love when Hook is almost killed: Rumple has his heart and has every intention of crushing it. Rumple is unable to do so, thanks to Belle who commands him to stop. Later, Emma puts Hook’s heart back where it belongs, and the two share a passionate kiss. 


Can Emma and Hook build a life together? Will the villains get a happily ever after?  Tune in to an all-new episode of Once Upon a Time SUNDAY MAR 1 8|7c on ABC.


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