7 Creepiest Creatures on Once Upon a Time

7 Creepiest Creatures on Once Upon a Time

Storybrooke may seem like a sleepy town - but we know that is far from the truth! From the hellbats and flying monkeys to dragons and ogres, there’s no shortage of scary monsters roaming around. Just in time for Halloween, here are the creepiest creatures from Once Upon a Time

1. The Fury
In the season 5 episode “ The Price,” The Fury is after Robin Hood and Regina is determined to save the love of her life from it. When she steps in and takes the heat herself, Mary Margaret comes her aid, followed by David, Arthur, and Leroy.  


2. The Chernobog

 In "Darkness on the Edge of Town," Emma and Regina must outrun the "Hellbat," which seeks the person with the potential for the darkest heart. Everyone assumes he's after Regina (she is the Evil Queen, after all) — but Rumple later calls out an unexpect truth: the person the Chernobog was truly after was Emma.



3. The Wraith

You know something's scary if even Regina is afraid of it! In the season 2 episode "Broken," Rumple unleashes the demon creature, which goes straight to Regina to suck out her soul.



4. The Flying Monkey 

Romance has never been easy for Emma, but her love life hits an all-time low in the season 3 episode, "New York Serenade."  

No Happy Ending for The Savior|Emma Swan's new man has a dark secret|When Emma tries to tell her new boyfriend, Walsh, that she has to go to Storybrooke, she finds out that she wasn't as safe in her new life as she once believed.


5. The Ogre

While travelling in the Enchanted Forrest, Emma fires a gun to try to calm her quarreling companions, awakening a really grumpy ogre. From the season 2 episode, "Lady of the Lake." 

An Ogre Attacks Emma|An angry ogre comes after Emma in the Enchanted Forrest.|An angry ogre comes after Emma in the Enchanted Forrest. Will Snow White be able to save her? From the Once Upon a Time season 2 episode, "Lady of the Lake."


6. The Wolf

In the season 1 episode "Red-Handed," a blood-thirsy wolf stalks the Enchanted Forrest. Can Red save her friends − and herself? 

Red Discovers She Is the Werewolf|Can Red save the town -- and herself?|Red is horrified to learn she is the werewolf who has been ravaging the town. Can she save them -- and herself? From Once Upon a Time season 1 episode, "Red Handed."


7. The Dragon 

In the season 1 episode, "The Shepherd,"  stands in for his dead brother to face a dragon. Can a lowly shepherd and his sword defeat the savage beast?





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