5 Reasons Why Emma Swan is the Best Savior Ever

5 Reasons Why Emma Swan is the Best Savior Ever

Emma Swan had a rough life before her son, Henry, found her and brought her to Storybrooke. And even when she got there, things didn’t get any easier. I mean, how would you like having The Evil Queen as your neighbor, nemesis and unwanted co-parent of your kid? And then she had to deal with the fact that her best friend and roommate, who’s also her age, is her MOM and one of the hunky guys in town is her dad. And their real identities are Snow White and Prince Charming. It’s a lot to handle. And through it all, somehow Emma Swan has kept her cool and mostly prevailed.

But now, Henry has been kidnapped and taken to NEVERLAND, and it’s up to Emma and a motley crew of heroes and villains to rescue him from the mysterious and dangerous Peter Pan. Am I worried? Well, okay, yeah, a little, but Emma can take it. In fact, here are 5 Reasons Why Emma Swan is the Best Savior Ever.

1. She’s the “Product of True Love”

That’s Grade A, 100% verified True Love coursing through Emma’s veins, and that’s the most powerful magic there is. If she can embrace and harness that, there may be nothing she can’t do, including saving Henry.

2. She’s Found Her Own True Love…Maybe?

Okay, the situation with Neal/Baelfire is complicated, and she still hasn’t totally forgiven him for abandoning her, but still, there’s a real connection there and every Savior needs someone to love.

3. She Can Play Rough

Ice cold. Emma leaves Hook in the not-so-friendly hands of Anton the Giant because she knows she can’t trust him—he IS a pirate after all. Unlike her sometimes infuriatingly optimistic parents, Emma has that pragmatic edge that can get the job done.

4. Emma’s Lost Her True Love…Maybe?

Just as she’s ready to admit that she still loves Neal, he’s taken from her and could even be dead. Okay, he might not be after all, but Emma doesn’t know that. So there is no way she’s going to let her son, Henry, be taken from her too. Tamara and Greg had better watch their backs!

5. Did I Mention She Can Do Crazy Magic?

Regina is no slouch when it comes to magic, but even with all of her might, she couldn’t contain the spell that was about to destroy Storybrooke and kill everyone in it. That’s when Emma stepped in and put some True Love power in there. The town was saved, once again, because that’s how saviors do!


Even with all of that, it’s going to take everything Emma’s got to get everyone to work together—there’re some mortal enemies on that crew—and to save Henry from Neverland. Do you think she can be the savior once again?