5 Reasons Why Snow White and The Evil Queen Will Never Get Along

5 Reasons Why Snow White and The Evil Queen Will Never Get Along

There are plenty of feuds on Once Upon a Time, but the classic, the all-time champion of grudges is Snow White vs. The Evil Queen. The bad blood between these two women goes back all the way to when Snow White was only a little girl and it’s been going strong ever since. But now, with Henry in danger, these two women are going to have to work together to help save him in Neverland. I’m not so sure that’s going to work out. Here are 5 Reasons Why Snow White and The Evil Queen Will Never Get Along.

1. The Evil Queen Has Killed a LOT of People
No, seriously you guys. We’re talking at LEAST triple-digits here. Between ripping out hearts and ordering her soldiers to butcher entire villages, Regina really puts the “evil” in “Evil Queen.” Just check out Snow White’s shock at what her stepmother has done!


2. The Evil Queen Would Rather Die Than Forgive Snow White
The short version is that a young Snow White told Cora, Regina’s mother, about Regina wanting to run away and marry a stable boy named Daniel instead of becoming a Queen. Cora put a stop to that by murdering Daniel right in front of Regina—and Regina blamed Snow White. Years later, she would rather be killed than move on from her hatred, but Snow White couldn’t do it. Instead, with Rumplestiltskin’s help, Snow gave her enemy one final test….


3. The Queen (and Her Mom) Killed Almost Everyone Snow Loves
Regina’s mother, Cora, murdered Snow’s mother. Regina murdered Snow’s father. Regina also trapped Snow White with a sleeping curse. And, in the clip below, Regina and Cora both murder one of Snow White’s oldest, and dearest friends.


4. Snow White Murdered The Evil Queen’s Mom
Cora was poised to become the new Dark One and would surely use those powers for all sorts of evil and murder. Mary Margaret (Snow White) used a magic candle to poison Cora, but the poison would only work if Cora’s heart got put back in her chest, so she actually tricked Regina into doing that. Watch Regina’s heart break in this clip as she realizes 1) her mother really does love her and 2) her worst enemy just tricked her into helping kill her own mom. Yeah, there’s no forgiving this one.


5. Regina Demands Revenge
Mary Margaret is crushed by what she did to Cora and Regina. She can’t forgive herself for killing Cora and even goes to Regina, expecting to be killed. But, as you can see below, Regina figures out there’s a much crueler way to get her revenge.



So what do you guys think, can Snow White and The Evil Queen get along enough to save Henry, or is this feud destined to last for as long—and for as many worlds—as it takes?

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