5 Things to Know Before the Once Upon a Time Season 4 Finale

5 Things to Know Before the Once Upon a Time Season 4 Finale

On Sunday’s must-see two-hour season finale of Once Upon a Time, Henry is called to restore the balance between heroes and villains after the Author turns Fairy Tale Land upside down. Here are 5 things you must know before the season 4 finale.

Gold’s Plan to Turn the Savior Dark
In Season 4, Episode 18 “Sympathy for De Vil,” Gold still has a hurting heart. Soon he will lose any ability to love. Only the Author, whose name is Isaac, can help him. Gold lets Isaac know that he’s going to get ink for the quill. It’s all part of his plan to turn the savior dark.

Zelena is Pregnant with Robin’s Baby!
In Season 4, Episode 20 “Lily,” Regina is reunited with Robin Hood. She tries to explain that Marian is actually Zelena. Robin is understandably stunned. He doesn’t believe it until Zelena reveals her true identity. Regina wants him to get Roland so they can all get out of there. However, Robin can’t leave. Regina looks like she’s been punched in the gut when she discovers why. 

Dragon Lily Attacks Mary Margaret
In Season 4, Episode 21 “Mother,” In the present day, Regina and Robin struggle with the bombshell news that Zelena is pregnant. The entire group heads back to Storybrooke. When they arrive, Maleficent is finally reunited with her daughter. As for Lily, she wants revenge on Snow White and Prince Charming

Emma Forgives Her Mother
In Season 4, Episode 21 “Mother,” David nurses his wife as best he can after the dragon attack. Emma arrives to heal her wound. She also forgives her mom and dad for their past actions after having a heart-to-heart with Hook

The Author Writes a New Book for Gold
In Season 4, Episode 21 “Mother,” Isaac can’t believe that Regina no longer wants him to write anything, so he jots down his own thoughts. Moments later, he’s gone in a puff of smoke. Regina sees by the words he’s left behind that he’s off to see Gold where a new chapter is about to begin. 

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