7 Reasons Why We Love August Booth

7 Reasons Why We Love August Booth

Whether he's a leather-clad biker or adorable real boy Pinocchio, August W. Booth never fails to charm. Here are the top 7 reasons why we love him.

1) He was Emma's first friend.

As young Pinocchio, August travels with Emma through the wardrobe from Fairytale Land to Storybrooke in season 1 episode 20, "The Stranger." Though he's just a young boy himself, he does his best to watch out for his surrogate baby sister.



2) When he makes a mistake, he tries really hard to fix it.

When the rough life of an orphan proves too much for young Pinocchio, he runs away, breaking the promise he made to his father to always watch over Emma. 



But as an adult, August goes to great lengths to right the wrongs of the past. In season 2 episode 6 "Tallahassee," he convinces Neal to leave Emma so she can fulfill her destiny as the Savior.

August Tells Neal He Must Leave Emma|August tries to convince Neal that Emma is the savior.|August tries to convince Neal that Emma is the savior, and that he needs to leave her in order to break the curse. From the Once Upon a Time season 2 episode, "Tallahassee."



3) He rocks a leather jacket and motorcycle.

In season 1 episode 9, "True North," Emma and Henry watch August ride into town. He draws attention with his cooler-than-cool leather jacket and motorcycle — and also because he's the first stranger who's ever come to Storybrooke.

A Stranger Comes to Storybrooke|Emma and Henry meet a mysterious man.|Emma and Henry meet a mysterious man. From Once Upon a Time season 1 episode 9, "True North."



4) He helps convince Emma she is the Savior.

Determined to convince Emma that the Storybook is true, August takes her back to the tree where they were transported from Fairytale Land. It plants the seed that eventually helps Emma believe that she is in fact the Savior.



5) He loves his Papa.

Unable to reveal to Geppetto that he's his son, August offers to be his father's assistant, just so he can spend time with him.



6) He's handsome... even with a Pinocchio nose!

In the season 4 episode, "Poor Unfortunate Soul," Rumplestiltskin tries to get answers from August with an unusual lie-detector test: a Pinocchio nose. Somehow, August still looks dashing!



7) He's selfless, brave and true.

From puppet to real boy to grown man and back around again, August has proven time and again to have a pure heart.



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