5 Heartbreaking Cora Moments on Once Upon a Time

5 Heartbreaking Cora Moments on Once Upon a Time

In the past, Cora (Barbara Hershey) hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to caring for her daughters. Not only did she abandon Zelena (Rebecca Mader) when she was a baby, she was cruel and controlling with Regina (Lana Parrilla) when she was alive – despite her best intentions. In Once Upon a Time season 5, episode 19, Sisters,” Cora turns over a new leaf and shows off her kinder, maternal side. Realizing her unfinished business in the Underworld is not only Regina but also Zelena, Cora attempts to make things right and brings them together in the end.

Here are 5 of the most heartbreaking Cora moments:

1. Regina Curses Herself

In Fairy Tale Land past, Regina curses herself to stop her mother from controlling her. According to Regina, Cora made it clear that she doesn't think anyone is going to love Regina. From the season 4 episode, "Mother."


2. Regina Relives Her Heartbreak

Using an enchanted dreamcatcher, Regina relives her painful past when she watches as her mother kills Daniel, her first love. From the season 5 episode, "Dreamcatcher." 

3. Cora Reunites with Regina

In the Underworld, Regina turns to Cora for help in finding Hook. Deeply concerned for her daughter's safety, Cora urges Regina to leave. When she refuses, she shows Regina what her fate looks like if she didn't return to Storybrooke. From the season 5 episode, "Souls of the Departed." 

4. Cora Restores Memories

After stopping Regina and Zelena from destroying one another, a guilt-laden Cora reveals a family secret. The secret: the sisters used to be very close - that is, until Cora sent Zelena away and wiped away the sisters' memories of each other. From the season 5 episode, "Sisters." 

5. Cora Moves On

Making amends with her daughters, Cora's unfinished business is fulfilled and it's time for her to face her fate. When she crosses the bridge, she is taken into the light, leaving behind a tearful Regina and Zelena, who heartbreakingly says: "I waited my whole life to have a mother and now she's gone."From the season 5 episode, "Sisters." 



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