Merida's 5 Bravest Moments on Once Upon a Time

Merida's 5 Bravest Moments on Once Upon a Time

Since appearing on season 5 of Once Upon a Time, Merida has made quite the splash with our heroes in Storybrooke. The crimson-haired warrior princess has been placed in some tough situations since arriving in the Enchanted Forest, but has always prevailed due to her incredible bravery. From being tasked to teach Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) to fight to battling her father's murderer, here are Merida's 5 bravest moments!


1. Merida meets the Dark One.

The first time Merida meets Emma (Jennifer Morrison), she initiates a fair fight with the Dark Swan as the two chase after the wisp. From the season 5 episode, "The Dark Swan."


2. Merida pushes Mr. Gold to be a hero.

Under the order of Emma to teach a weak Gold to fight, Merida takes on a nearly impossible task -- and eventually succeeds! From the season 5 episode, "Dreamcatcher." 



3. Merida saves her brothers' lives.

Without using magic, Merida uses only her skills – and great love – to save the lives of her brothers from power-hungry Lords Macintosh, MacGuffin and Dingwall. From the season 5 episode, "The Bear and the Bow."



4. Merida influences Fergus to do the right thing.

Before the big battle, Merida follows Fergus to the waterside and asks him for advice. Although she doesn't know it then, their talk inspired her father to do the right thing and not use the enchanted helm. From the season 5 episode, "The Bear King."



5. Merida takes on Arthur.

Learning Arthur killed her father, Merida battles him in order to save her kingdom. When Arthur threatens her life, she receives backup from her friends and kingdom, proving to herself as well as the clans that she is a worthy queen. From the season 5 episode, "The Bear King." 



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