Once Upon a Time 100th Episode: 6 of the Most Tear-Jerking Moments

Once Upon a Time 100th Episode: 6 of the Most Tear-Jerking Moments

Break out the tissues, Oncers! The Once Upon a Time season 5 return episode, "Souls of the Departed," (originally airing March 6, 2016) brought about many feelings this past Sunday night, especially of the heartbreaking kind. From Neal's sudden appearance to Regina's reunion with her parents, the return episode had no shortage of emotion evoking moments. Here are the most tear-jerking moments from the Once Upon a Time 100th episode:

1. Neal and Emma's Reunion

In the opening scene, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) wakes up in her car outside an amusement park and Neal suddenly appears. The two share a sweet reunion - he inquires about their son and she tells him that Henry (Jared Gilmore) misses his dad. Neal tries to warn Emma, urging her not to go to the Underworld. He knows she won't heed his warning and kisses her on the forehead before disappearing. 

2. Pan Wants a New Start

Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) is reunited with his papa Peter Pan (guest star Robbie Kay) when he visits the Underworld version of his shop. Pan tells him that he meant what he said when he died: he wants to start over. He wants to return to the world above. The catch: Pan can leave if he trades places with a living soul. 


3. Cora and Regina's Fiery Reunion

Regina (Lana Parrilla) meets with her mother Cora (guest star Barbara Hershey), who urges her to leave the Underworld and has arranged a boat for her. Their reunion is bittersweet: when Regina refuses to leave, Cora shows her daughter her fiery fate if she doesn't go back to Storybrooke; if she doesn't leave, Cora will make Regina's father suffer. 


4. Hook Vanishes

Thanks to a potion Pan gave Rumple, Emma conjures a vision of Hook (Colin O'Donoghue), who is severely beat up and bloodied. She can see he's in pain and despite her attempt to ask him where he is, he doesn't seem to hear her and vanishes. 


5. Regina's Apology

After using the last of the potion, Regina conjures her father from his grave. In tears, she apologizes to him for what she's done. He forgives her and tells her that he loves her "no matter what because that's what fathers do." When she assures him she won't let him suffer anymore, he encourages her to stay in the Underworld and help her friends with her strength - then his death truly wouldn't have been in vain. 


6. Regina Says Goodbye

When Regina doesn't heed Cora's warning, she has Regina's father surrounded by a swirl of fire. Despite Regina's pleas, Cora sends Henry to his fiery fate, leaving her devastated. Her father assures her he's okay and a bridge to a better place appears. He realizes what his unfinished business was: Regina. Regina introduces Henry to his grandfather and the two Henrys meet. It's time for the elder Henry to go. He tells Regina to never forget who she really is and proceeds to walk into the light. 


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