Get Your Official Once Upon a Time Halloween Costumes

Get Your Official Once Upon a Time Halloween Costumes

Once Upon a Time fans rejoice! Do-it-yourself costumes are fine, but wouldn't you rather have an outfit straight outta Storybrooke, or even better, Fairy Tale Land? Then check out The Official Line of Once Upon a Time Costumes to get yours for Halloween 2016! Grab a weapon or the full-on garb. The only problem you have now is figuring out which enchanting character you'd like to be this year. We've put together a quick list below to help you decide. Check it out!

 Emma Swan

Ah, that signature red leather jacket. Don't leave the crime-fighting to the men in Emma Swan's iconic jacket and sheriff's badge. She comes to life in this modern, sleek and stylish outfit that's perfect for any Halloween party.  


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Keep it edgy in Hook's amazing pirate attire. The jacket, the pants, the vest, the hook! Simplicity is not the name of the game for Hook, but that's why we love the guy. Guy-liner and swoon-worthy smirk not included.  

Evil Queen

 If you want to turn some heads—we've got you covered. No one ignores the Evil Queen when she walks into a room. Dominate the party in an eye-catching collar and silky elegance. Let go and unleash your dark side—even if it's just for one night. The elegant costume comes with the jacket, dress, and clutch. Now all you need to perfect is that signature walk and scowl. 

 Snow White

Both beautiful and fierce, the Snow White costume comes with her signature white jacket and pants. Not one to be a damsel in distress, Snow White's costume shows off her independence and her willingness to fight for what she believes in. But it also happens to be what she wore when she first met her Prince Charming. Who knows what could happen? 

 Prince Charming

You can't get more classic than this. The knight in shining armor, the man of everyone's dreams. Take it back a couple of centuries and show the ladies what chivalry really looks like. Who doesn't like a prince?  


Here's another way to let out your dark side for the night! Dress up as everyone's favorite villain with an eye-catching vest, jacket, and boot tops. The costume also comes with a wig so you can have those signature Rumple locks. Brush up on your evil laugh and your favorite way to say "dearie" and you're good to go.

Decided which Once Upon a Time character you want to embody for Halloween? Click here to grab your costume!


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