Watch 5 Free Once Upon a Time Episodes Online!

Watch 5 Free Once Upon a Time Episodes Online!

Take a trip to Storybrooke, Maine—and realms beyond—with free episodes of ABC's Once Upon a Time season 5 in WATCH ABC! Whether winter has you feeling the power of light or a little bit like The Dark One, there's something for everyone at this magical feast. And, while all magic has its price, these episodes do not, because they're totally FREE and available to watch without signing in.  Here's what you could be watching!

S5 E7 Nimue Merlin takes Emma on a journey to confront his nemesis; in a flashback, Merlin falls in love.

S5 E8 Birth Merlin delivers an ultimatum to Emma.

S5 E9 The Bear King Zelena and Arthur journey to find an enchanted relic.

S5 E10 Broken Heart Hook becomes the Dark One and reignites his lust for revenge on Rumple.

S5 E11 Winter Finale: Swan Song The dark ones plan to obliterate light magic, while the heroes brace themselves.

Need to catch up or relive the shocking winter finale? We've got you covered! Here's a chilling clip from the Season 5 winter finale:


So now's your chance, dearie. Start your Once Upon a Time binge!

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