Magical Moments: Best Laid Plans

Magical Moments: Best Laid Plans

Welcome to the Magical Moments for the "Best Laid Plans" episode of Once Upon a Time. Here you'll find highlights and insights for the recent events affecting Storybrooke, Fairy Tale Land and more. WARNING: There are spoilers here if you haven't yet seen the episode. Enjoy!

Avoiding Evil: In Fairy Tale Land past, Snow White and Prince Charming touch a unicorn’s horn so they can get a glimpse of their child’s future. He’s sees nothing but good, but she envisions evil for Emma. A peddler tells Snow and Charming that Maleficent turned herself into a dragon and laid an egg. This leads to a desperate move.

A Cry in the Darkness: The Sorcerer’s apprentice says the dragon will serve as a perfect vessel to absorb darkness. He casts the spell. Unbeknownst to Snow and Charming, it involves sending the egg to another realm. Horror strikes when they realize there’s a baby inside.

Making Vows: Mr. Gold finds a sleeping Belle in his shop. He vows to come back for her if he can. He later shows Maleficent the fate of her child. She was adopted in this world. The name she was given is Lily. This happens to be the name of Emma’s best friend from her youth, the girl who was first seen in “Breaking Glass.”

Secret’s Out: Mary Margaret has second thoughts about destroying the storybook page. She wants to tell Emma the truth because heroes do what’s right, not what’s easy. When Mary Margaret tries to stop her daughter by declaring she’s her mother, a shaken Emma responds by saying she doesn’t care. The echoes the sentiment Snow White received in her vision of darkness back in Fairy Tale Land.

Master Manipulator: August reveals that there have been many authors in history, but this particular one opted to manipulate events instead of simply record them. It’s why the sorcerer and his apprentice trapped him behind that door. Even with all this knowledge, Emma frees the author from the page. He’s a familiar face to David and Mary Margaret.

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