The History of Dark Ones

The History of Dark Ones


As Once Upon a Time embarks on its Season 5 premiere, there’s one thing that's for sure: Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) has become the newest Dark One. But before Emma, there were two other known Dark Ones. To prepare for what's to come with Emma as the Dark One, here is the history of Dark Ones:


As the first known Dark One, Zoso was initially introduced as an old beggar. He was controlled by the Duke of the Frontlands, who owned a dagger that could control as well as kill him. When he meets Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle), he takes the opportunity to manipulate Rumple into killing him, thus passing his powers onto Rumple – but not before warning him that magic always comes with a price. While he is the first known Dark One, Zoso isn’t necessarily the first, as the sorcerer’s apprentice tells him, “You are not the first Dark One I have faced.”


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Rumplestiltskin started out as the meek and innocent father of Baelfire, who wanted nothing more than to protect his young son from having to fight in a war. He meets an old beggar, who informs him about the Dark One’s dagger and the magical things it could do. The old beggar tells Rumple if he steals the dagger, he would have the power and his son would be safe. Rumple steals the Dark One’s dagger from the Duke’s castle and upon examination, the dagger reveals the name "Zoso." Rumple later summons Zoso the Dark One, who taunts him about Baelfire. Rumple stabs and kills Zoso, only to discover that he is actually the old beggar. Once Zoso dies, Rumple transforms into the Dark One.


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As the Dark One, Rumple is the most powerful wizard in all the realms. He even coached sisters Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Zelena in their younger days, teaching them about magic. He is also the most feared in Fairy Tale Land and is notorious for his deals in Fairy Tale Land as well as in Storybrooke. His deals are often prefaced with his signature line: “Magic always comes with a price, dearie.”

Emma Swan

Although she’s been the Savior since day one, Emma became the newest Dark One when the darkness from Rumple’s heart breaks free, escaping into Storybrooke and attempting to attach itself to Regina. Recognizing that Regina has worked too hard to have her happiness destroyed, Emma sacrifices herself instead. Before allowing the darkness to overcome her, she tells the heroes they need to figure out a way to save her again.



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Could Emma be the darkest one of all? Who will take over as the Dark One if Emma is ever released from being the Dark One? Find out this season on Once Upon a Time!

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