Magical Moments: Lily

Magical Moments: Lily

Welcome to the Magical Moments for the "Lily" episode of Once Upon a Time. Here you'll find highlights and insights for the recent events affecting Storybrooke, Fairy Tale Land and more. WARNING: There are spoilers here if you haven't yet seen the episode. Enjoy!

Twists of Fate: In the past, the Sorcerer warns his apprentice that The Author must never be allowed to toy with fate again after the events where Emma fates becomes intertwined with her childhood friend, Lily. In present day Storybrooke, Gold wants to make sure that the Savior continues down a dark path. Maleficent offers to help Emma and the others. After all, Rumple is now their common foe. Maleficent wants to find her daughter. Emma realizes it’s the same little girl she knew from her foster care days. It’s Lily.

Misery Loves Company: Before learning the truth, Emma tried to explain to Lily that fate has brought them together. She realizes that Lily knows everything about her. A plan for revenge has been in the works for some time. Lily is looking to get to Storybrooke. Emma races to stop her. The two of them get into a mini-brawl in the middle of the road.

Dealt a Bad Hand: In the past, Lily admits that ever since Emma left her everything has gone wrong. It’s like she’s cursed. Emma doesn’t want to hear it. She says she’s better off alone. Lily later meets the Sorcerer’s apprentice, who tells her that the deck has been stacked against her from the start. He tells her the truth about who she is beginning with the necklace that belonged to her mother.

Have a Heart: Gold has a little chat with Maleficent. He claims that Lily will be the one who keeps Emma on her dark path. Their conversation serves as a distraction so Will can swipe Belle’s heart. Gold admits that his own heart is nearly black. If he continues hurting Belle, then there’ll be no hope for him.

Pregnant Pause: In New York, Regina is reunited with Robin Hood. She tries to explain that Marian is actually Zelena. Robin is understandably stunned. He doesn’t believe it until Zelena reveals her true identity. Regina wants him to get Roland so they can all get out of there. However, Robin can’t leave. Regina looks like she’s been punched in the gut when she discovers why.

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