QUIZ! Which Once Upon a Time Villain Are You?

QUIZ! Which Once Upon a Time Villain Are You?

In a world of heroes and villains, we want to know about the latter. Are you an Evil Queen or a Wicked Witch? Perhaps being a lovable, lecherous pirate is more your style. We're all pretty good deep down, but that doesn't mean we don't have a dark side. Take this Once Upon a Time personality quiz to find out which evil villain you may be. But first get in the mood by reliving the return of the Evil Queen!


Once Upon a Time is known for rolling out some of the most evil villains of all time. These bad, bad folks provide nice job security for the heroes of Storybrooke. Let's celebrate these personifications of pure evil with a sampling of some of their nasty ways below. Let's go to the videos!

The Evil Queen and Zelena have a spa day

Rumplestiltskin Takes Hooks Heart

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