Storybrooke Secrets: Desperate Souls

Storybrooke Secrets: Desperate Souls

The world of Storybrooke isn't quite what it seems. If you look closely, you may find hidden clues about another world, or worlds.

In "Desperate Souls":

- In the scene where Emma confronts Mr. Gold about setting the fire, there is a large Mickey Mouse figurine in a case seen on the bottom left of the screen. A smaller Minnie Mouse figurine sits on a table to the right of Gold.

- The Dark One’s name is Zoso, which is a reference to Led Zeppelin. Zoso is used as a moniker for Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page.

But that's not all there was to discover in this episode. If you think you've found another hidden secret of Storybrooke, share it with other fans in the Comments below. You never know who may be watching.

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