Storybrooke Secrets: Hat Trick

Storybrooke Secrets: Hat Trick

The world of Storybrooke isn't quite what it seems. If you look closely, you may find hidden clues about another world, or worlds.

In "Hat Trick":

- When Jefferson and Grace are at the market, Grace asks if she can buy a stuffed white rabbit doll, which is a reference to the white rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

- Later, Jefferson presents an homemade stuffed bunny to Grace, but due to Jefferson’s means and his ability as a craftsman, this bunny is patchy and more dirty than white. This was a nod to the Hatter’s companion in Wonderland, the March Hare.

- Also at Grace’s tea party is her stuffed turtle, Mr. Tortoise, a reference to the Mock Turtle and his story about his tortoise teacher.

But that's not all there was to discover in this episode. If you think you've found another hidden secret of Storybrooke, share it with other fans in the Comments below. You never know who may be watching.