Quantico Series Premiere Recap: Priyanka Chopra Makes Her Debut

Quantico Series Premiere Recap: Priyanka Chopra Makes Her Debut

Welcome to the official recap for the Series Premiere of Quantico and Priyanka Chopra’s television debut. In case you missed it do not worry, you can quickly catch up here. 

A diverse group of recruits has arrived at the FBI Quantico Base for training. They are the best, the brightest and the most vetted this nation has to offer. The most promising of these recruits is a woman named Alex Parrish. Fast-forward one year, Alex is found near the site of the worst attack on New York since 9/11. The evidence starts coming in and all of it points directly to Alex’s guilt. She makes her escape and now must find her recruit that’s responsible for the attack before she’s caught.

An FBI Recruit Is a Terrorist?!
Quantico opens with Alex Parrish, a recent FBI recruit, being found near the site of the worst terrorist incident since 9/11.  Right before the explosion, the FBI received 2 tips: 1) one of their own is responsible for the bombing and 2) the party responsible was compromised long before they ever came to Quantico. Initially the FBI wants Alex's help, after all she was the closest agent to the site when the bomb went off and she has been working alongside all of these people for the last six months.

Alex Exposes Ryan's First Set of Lies
Rewind even before their first day, Ryan and Alex just so happened to site next to each other on the plane en route to Quantico. It was clear there was a vibe. Post landing, they steamed up the car windows in an empty parking lot. Ryan is smitten, but Alex…not so much. If she were into him, she would have gotten to know him first. The only thing that's clear, Ryan hasn't been truthful. Alex could have let him down easy, but instead took the time to expose his untruths…one at a time. Ouch!

The Recruits Investigate Each Other 
For his or her first assignment, each recruit was given a file on another recruit, minus one piece of vital information. They had 24 hours to find to try to find this information or they were out. What started as a simple exercise for the recruits, will quickly turn into the first vital step into finding the terrorist.

After they found the information, each recruit had the opportunity to polygraph their target and see if they got it right.

Polygraph Interview #1: Shelby's Parents were Killed on 9/11
Simon has the opportunity to finally get some answers out of his target. After some round about questioning, he finally gets to the heart of the matter. The piece of metal Shelby carries around is a part of the airplane that carried her family before it crashed. That's the reason she's at Quantico.

Polygraph Interview #2: Simon Lived in Gaza but is a Conservative Jew
Being a virgin wasn't Simon’s biggest secret. Simon, a conservative Jew from a staunch Zionist family, traveled to Gaza four years ago to live with the Palestinians. He's never told anyone this information, but Nimah found out and now everyone knows.

Polygraph Interview #3: Alex's Mother Killed Her Father in Self Defense (or Did She?)
Ryan grills Alex about the death of her father. Alex says she was in mourning, but all the evidence points to the contrary. Their instructor abruptly cuts off the interview before the polygraph would indicate if she was lying or not.

Polygraph Interview #4: Eric Melts Down at His Interview
Caleb needed this interview to go well or he was out. He couldn't find anything so he did the only thing he could do, he bluffed. What he didn't know was that Eric was harboring a huge secret. Years ago while on his mission, Eric got a 14-year-old Malawian girl pregnant and took her to get an illegal abortion. Unfortunately she died and he's been living with this guilt ever since. During the interview, he just couldn't handle the thought of this secret getting out and did the only thing he could do…he killed himself. The saddest part, this wasn't even the secret that was redacted from his file.

Ryan is Working Undercover to Watch Alex
Soon after the interviews, we discover that Ryan is not really an FBI recruit. In fact, he’s an agent working undercover assigned to keep tabs on Alex. He's not sure why, but it could be for multiple reasons; Alex's father was an agent, Alex killed her father in self-defense, or the FBI had their suspicions of her being a terrorist long before the bombing.

Miranda Helps Alex Escape Custody
Miranda knows Alex was set up and will be killed the moment she's thrown behind bars. Miranda can't have that and helps Alex escape after a short car chase and crash. Miranda might now be in custody, but she's given Alex the chance to clear her name and find the guilty party.


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