Quantico Recap Episode 9: Alex Parrish in Custody

Quantico Recap Episode 9: Alex Parrish in Custody

Welcome to the official Quantico Season 1, Episode 9 recap for "Guilty" (original airdate November 29, 2015). Previously on Quantico: In flashback, Alex Parrish found out the truth about her father. In the present, she finally put together enough evidence to clear her name right before turning herself in to Liam O'Connor.

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Liam Needs Alex's Help
Liam is in a drunken stupor and the bar wants him out. Alex is the last person that called him so they naturally call her to come get him. Ryan's livid with the fact that Alex wants to chase after the man who was all-too-willing to destroy her not too long ago. Alex sees a man who is going down the self-destructive path of her father.

Ryan Decides to Leave
After Alex left Ryan to go take care of Liam, Ryan decides he's not willing to wait around for her any longer and takes a new assignment.

Will Alex be Tortured?
While at Quantico, Alex and the other recruits heard about Mr. Wells’ interrogation techniques. Let’s just say they weren’t the most painless of experiences for these people. Mr. Wells wants answers and will use every tool and technique at his disposal to get the information he needs. 

Alex Clears Her Name
Alex's friends are finally able to put together enough evidence to convince Liam that she's not a terrorist, but with her name cleared, catching the real bomber would be that much harder. So Liam offers a new plan.

Alex Parrish Pleads Guilty
To help catch a terrorist, Alex Parrish confesses to being involved in the bombing. In a flashback, a frustrated Simon meets a contact who hands him blueprints to every train station in New York.

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