Quantico Season Finale Recap: Simon Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice

The Quantico season finale aired on Sunday and wrapped everything up with the bombing nicely, but left us wondering what’s next for Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra)? LAST WEEK: As we already know, Liam was the person on the inside, manipulating the NATs, and responsible for the bombing in the pilot. In the very last scene of episode 21, Miranda went to Liam’s apartment and upon entering, finds a whole cache of incriminating evidence. She hears Liam enter, spins around to take a shot, but is shot herself before she can pull the trigger. We’re left wondering, is Miranda alive? Will the NATs figure out who the real terrorist is? What will Liam do next? Check out this Quantico season finale recap of episode 22, "Yes" and don’t forget to watch the full series of Quantico FOR FREE on ABC.com and the WATCH ABC app.

Alex and Ryan Break Up (For Good?)
Ryan accepted an offer half way across the country from Alex, but he didn't want to tell her until after graduation. He wanted to spend the next 2 weeks with Alex before deciding to put his career on hold to chase the woman he loved. Even after all of this time, Ryan is still lying to Alex and she can't stand it.

Alex and Ryan Kill Liam
Alex and Ryan go through the dorms looking for the bomb, but Liam has the drop on them. He takes Ryan hostage and tells Alex that it's too late; even if they find the bomb, there's no time to defuse it. Liam is mad (crazy and angry). He's spent his careers covering up mistakes and corruption rather than saving people. In his eyes, the FBI was beyond saving and needed to be destroyed. This was never Liam's plan; Ryan was not supposed to be there and Alex was supposed to be the fall guy. Liam pushes Ryan aside to take his shot, but Alex puts a bullet in his forehead before her could pull the trigger (Ryan also gets off two shots in his torso).

Simon Sacrifices Himself to Save Thousands
Simon is riddled with guilt about letting so many innocent people die. The nuke's timer is only minutes away from reaching zero and there's no time to discuss options. Simon knows what needs to be done; he grabs the nuke and jumps into the SUV out front. The other NATs don't notice until he's already speeding away. He won't be able to save everyone, but at least he'll minimalize the casualties. RIP Simon Asher.

Claire Haas Colluded with Liam to Get Elected
Claire's track record on national security would have made her shoe in for Vice President after a foiled nuclear bomb attack. Liam never intended for the nuke to be a hollow threat; he actually wanted to set it off. This might not have been Claire's plan, but her involvement has covered her hands in blood just as much as Liam's. Now Alex and Caleb are going to dedicate their foreseeable future in taking down the Vice President.

Alex is Recruited by the CIA
Two months after the explosion, Alex no longer works for the FBI and is weighing her options. During one of Alex's runs, a man in a white SUV pulls up and tells her to get in. The man in the front seat is Matthew Keyes of the CIA. He knows many things including how the FBI hung Alex out to dry, how Alex loves her country, and how Alex wants the opportunity to do something to help the United States. Mr. Keyes has an offer for herd, she can accept a position with the CIA, but she needs to make her decision right now. If she leaves the SUV before accepting, the deal is off the table.

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