Sneak Peek Episode 9: Will Alex be Tortured?

Sneak Peek Episode 9: Will Alex be Tortured?

How much did you love the last episode of Quantico?!?! Is the wait for the next episode just killing you? Well, we got something to tide you over until Sunday. Check out this scene from episode 11, "Inside".

Watch the Quantico Sneak Peek from Episode 11
Previously on Quantico: An emergency disciplinary hearing causes deep secrets to be spilled, while in the future Alex works covertly with her team to find the real bomber before her time runs out.


In this sneak peek, Alex thinks the FBI isn’t doing enough to find the bomber. If they don't find the guilty party soon, Alex is looking at a life sentence. Watch 'Quantico' SUNDAYS 10|9c on ABC!

About Inside:
The terrorist responsible for the bombing of Grand Central Station is finally revealed, but instead of answers, more questions remain. While back at Quantico, the recruits receive a well-deserved few days off for the holidays, but not everyone is oh so merry when secrets are revealed and lines and blurred.

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