Watch the First Few Moments of Quantico S2 E14: "LNWILT"

Watch the First Few Moments of Quantico S2 E14: "LNWILT"

Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and her colleagues have been through a lot of ups and downs at the the farm and the G20 summit. Friends were lost and relationships tested as a hostage situation blurred the lines of good and bad making it unclear who Alex could trust. However, her mission is not done yet. Season 2 Episode 13, "EPICSHELTER" revealed The President of the United States, Claire Haas (Marcia Cross), has a new job for Alex, Ryan, Dayana, Nimah and Shelby. She has created a covert joint task force to stop a terrorist group dubbed the AIC.  However, this job from President Haas is not as surprising as their new boss – her son. Watch where we left off this season below.

Are Alex and the team ready for the task at hand? Check out the first few moments of Season 2 Episode 14, "LNWILT," below and watch as Alex and Shelby are thrown back into action. Alex and the team also get briefed on their new boss and mission.

President Haas requests her new task force make a connection between a recent play crash and the terrorist group they are tracking. What she is asking of them goes beyond the protocol of the FBI and CIA and is illegal. She is sanctioning their actions and putting her presidency on the line to find out how far this group has infiltrated the government.

Who are your rooting for and who don't you trust? Join the conversation about the show by leaving your comments below and keep watching to find out if your operative instincts are correct. Catch up on all of Season Two and watch your favorite moments from the show here or on the ABC App. Watch all-new episodes of 'Quantico' MONDAYS 10|9c on ABC.

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