Quantico Returns Sunday Nights This March 2016

Quantico Returns Sunday Nights This March 2016

The stakes are high, and when Quantico returns on SUNDAY MARCH 6 10|9c – there will be even more reason to stay tuned as the new developments on the horizon could take an unexpected turn.

The winter finale ended on a frantic tempo as Alex’s guilty plea forced her to surrender to the FBI for at least 24 hours before being taken to federal prison. In the meantime, she only has 4 hours to track down the second bomb or the terrorist responsible for its existence.


Alex has Four Hours to Find a Second Bomb or Bomber|Without any new information, Liam will be forced to deliver her to prison.|Alex’s guilty plea allowed her to be remanded to the FBI for 24 hours, after that they have to release her to federal prison. 20 Hours later Alex, Liam, and Miranda are no closer to finding the terrorists. They now have 4 hours to find at least the 2nd bomb or the terrorists or Alex will be sent to prison for the rest of her life! Watch this scene from "Inside," Quantico season 1 episode 11, and don't miss Quantico SUNDAYS 10|9c on ABC.

We also got a closer view into the complex relationship between Alex and Ryan. During a day of drinking Alex ends up drunk dialing Ryan. Vasquez catches her and promptly provides an app that will prevent her number from showing up. But once Alex gets through, she’s startled to hear a woman’s voice that doesn’t match Ryan’s sister.

The mystery continues when Ryan’s ex-wife Hannah confronts Alex after she realizes that she’s the one her ex-husband has been in love with the whole time they’ve been working undercover. Hannah warns Alex to think twice before picking up with Ryan again especially since he’s vulnerable and won’t easily recover from a broken heart. She knows because she put him through the same thing when they were together.


Ryan's Ex-Wife Gives Alex a Warning|Alex should think twice before starting anything with Ryan again.|Ryan’s ex-wife finally put two-and-two together and finally realizes Alex is the woman Ryan has been pining over the entire time they’ve been undercover (he even wrote a song for Alex). She gives Alex the friendly advice; when Ryan’s heart breaks, he doesn’t heal fast. She should know after all, she did the same thing to Ryan years ago. Before reopening any healing wounds, Alex should think twice before starting anything with Ryan again. Watch this scene from "Inside," Quantico season 1 episode 11, and don't miss Quantico SUNDAYS 10|9c on ABC.

But in the midst of all this is utter chaos as the person responsible for depositing the bomb in Grand Central is revealed. It’s Elias. But it doesn’t stop there. Elias is not working alone – in fact he is part of a much bigger operation. He fell into the hands of terrorists who have damning information that could ruin his career and the only way out was to frame Alex and plant the bomb as instructed.


The Identity of the Bomber is Revealed|Elias is the one that the bomb at Grand Central, but he’s not the terrorist|Elias was the one who placed the bomb in Grand Central, but he’s not a terrorist. The bombers got ahold of some information that could ruin Elias’ career. They blackmailed him into framing Alex and planting the bomb, but they weren’t done with him. They contacted him again to plant a second bomb. Now the question is, will Alex be able to find it before it’s too late? Watch this scene from "Inside," Quantico season 1 episode 11, and don't miss Quantico SUNDAYS 10|9c on ABC.

After going all along with the plan – Elias was contacted again and ordered to plant a second bomb that nobody knows about until it starts ticking and the race against time officially begins.  

Will Alex and her team be able to locate the second bomb before the unthinkable happens? Find out when Quantico comes back Sunday March 6 at 10|9c.

Visit our recaps or episode guide page for a crash course on all the events that led up to the current state of affairs at Quantico. You can also watch Season 1 of Quantico for free on abc.com.


Spring Return|#GetRecruited|The year's most provocative new show is back with new episodes beginning Sunday, March 6th!


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