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A slacker hunts down souls to return to Hell.

S1 E18 - Cancun
A demon revolution targets Sam.
05.21.2008 | 43m
S1 E17 - The Leak
Sam must find out who is creating the leak.
05.14.2008 | 43m
S1 E16 - Greg, Schmeg
Sam learns that Andi's ex sold his soul to the devil.
05.07.2008 | 43m
S1 E15 - Coming to Grips
Andi threatens to go to the cops after Sam beheads a demon.
04.30.2008 | 43m
S1 E14 - Rebellion
Steve and Tony want to trap the Devil.
04.23.2008 | 41m
S1 E13 - Acid Queen
Sam panics when an escaped soul plans to kill Andi.
03.28.2008 | 42m
S2 E13 - The Devil and Sam Oliver
Andi and Sam hope Tony can decipher a scroll from hell.
05.27.2009 | 43m
S1 E12 - Unseen
Strange events occur when Sam is around Cady.
03.21.2008 | 41m
S2 E12 - Business Casualty
Nina uses a portal to get information from Sam's father.
05.20.2009 | 42m
S1 E11 - Hungry for Fame
A musician wants to sell his soul to the devil.
03.14.2008 | 41m
S2 E11 - To Sprong, With Love
Sam must send his high school teacher back to hell.
05.13.2009 | 42m
S2 E10 - My Brother's Reaper
Sock throws a bachelor party at the Work Bench.
05.06.2009 | 43m
S1 E10 - Cash Out
The soul of a bank robber tries to collect his loot.
12.05.2007 | 41m
S1 E9 - Ashes to Ashes
Sam does plumbing work for the devil's girlfriend.
11.28.2007 | 42m
S2 E9 - No Reaper Left Behind
Nina seeks revenge on Sock and Ben.
04.29.2009 | 43m
S1 E8 - The Cop
Sam discovers that the devil is setting him up.
11.14.2007 | 43m
S2 E8 - The Home Stretch
Nina wants Ben to introduce her to his family.
04.22.2009 | 42m
S1 E7 - Love, Bullets and Blacktop
Sam must trap a couple who engineer fatal car-crashes.
11.07.2007 | 42m
S2 E7 - The Good Soil
The Devil wants Morgan and Sam to spend time together.
04.15.2009 | 43m
S2 E6 - Underbelly
Sam thinks his next escaped soul is an easy catch.
04.08.2009 | 43m
S1 E6 - Leon
Sam learns demons take Halloween off as a holiday.
10.31.2007 | 41m
S2 E5 - I Want My Baby Back
An escaped soul leaves her child behind.
04.01.2009 | 41m
S1 E5 - What About Blob?
The trio learn an escaped soul ran a chemical company.
10.24.2007 | 41m
S2 E4 - The Favorite
Ben thinks Nina is disgusted by his human form.
03.25.2009 | 43m
S1 E4 - All Mine
Sam must capture the soul of an angry mistress.
10.17.2007 | 40m
S2 E3 - The Sweet Science
The Devil tells Sam he must send a boxer back to hell.
03.18.2009 | 43m
S1 E3 - Magic
Sam chases the soul of a disgruntled magician.
10.10.2007 | 40m
S2 E2 - Dirty Sexy Mongol
A demon takes an interest in Ben.
03.11.2009 | 43m
S1 E2 - Charged
Sam uses a monster truck to capture an escaped soul.
10.03.2007 | 41m
S2 E1 - Episode IV: A New Hope
Sam, Ben, and Sock encounter surprises on a road trip.
03.04.2009 | 42m
S1 E1 - Pilot
Sam and his friends seek their first soul to claim.
09.26.2007 | 41m