Tamala Shelton
Tamala Shelton
as Petra

Actor Biography

Tamala Shelton plays Petra on Reef Break, the sexy, action-packed, one-hour drama, set on a stunning and seductive Pacific Island paradise full of fast-paced, high-octane adventures and island intrigue.

Shelton's prior roles include her role as Alinta in Seasons 1 and 2 of the critically acclaimed series Cleverman.

Most recently, she played Morgan in Location Scouts by Noble Savage Pictures, and also appeared in Season 2 of the short film Scout and Radio Karate's True Story.

Shelton made her acting debut in the ABC comedy Upper Middle Bogan and also appeared as a series regular in the hit teen drama Nowhere Boys for ABC3 from Matchbox Pictures. She reprised her role for the film Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows.

When Shelton is not acting, she is an avid reader and writer.