Priscilla Faia

Actor Biography

Priscilla Faia was born in Victoria, British Columbia. She began acting classes when she was nine at the Screen Actors Studio and loved every minute. After three years of training, the studio shut down, so she explored other creative avenues. It wasn't until she was 22 that she decided to take up acting again and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Faia booked three parts in five student films and then went on taking classes every month for a year at the Actor's Foundry under Matthew Harrison. After signing with an agent, she booked two commercials back to back, then booked a small part on the True Justice miniseries with Steven Seagal. That role was followed by the part of Leola on Eleventh Victim, a made-for-television Lifetime movie based on Nancy Grace's best-selling novel, and then the part of Kimberly on the TV series Psych.