Season 6 Episode 3 "Uprising" Recap: Sam is Having a Baby Girl!

As the start of the shift kicks in, we see that Oliver looks like a pirate thanks to the eye patch he wears due to a corneal infection. Duncan is a little sweet on Chloe. Andy and Juliet are partnered for a prison transfer from a women’s correctional facility where a riot breaks out. Oh, and there’s big baby news for Sam. Get the details on this and more in the Rookie Report for the Season 6 “Uprising” episode of Rookie Blue (original air date Thursday, July 9, 2015).

It’s a Girl!: Marlo is pleasantly surprised when Sam shows up for her checkup. The nurse’s demeanor suggests there may be something wrong with the baby. In truth, the infant is small, but she should be okay. Everyone now knows it’s a “she” thanks to a slip up by the doctor. That’s actually the least of the issues that are arising with this complicated situation.

Kindred Spirits: Nick and Gail are to escort a reportedly docile prisoner named Rochelle Dawber. Andy and Juliet are given a more volatile inmate named Kenzie Grant, who starts a fight during the transfer. As the riot escalates, Gail heads into the trouble area to help. She gets stuck in a cell block with an elderly inmate during a lockdown. The prisoner, Odelle, proceeds to lament on the downside of having kids.

Liar, Liar: Andy confronts her partner about how she’s been dishonest about her past. After all, she carries two different cell phones. Juliet fesses up that she did some undercover work that got messy. She fell for a dealer for a gang. Juliet claims she got herself out of a really dark time in her life. She asks Andy to keep this information confidential.

Looking Ahead: At the end of a long shift, Sam reveals his baby girl news to Andy. As previously mentioned, this is just the start of a very complicated road ahead.

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The Cast of Rookie Blue: Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally, Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein, Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck, Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash, Travis Milne as Chris Diaz, Peter Mooney as Nick Collins, Ben Bass as Sam Swarek, and Priscilla Faia as Chloe Price.

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