Season 6 Episode 7 "Best Man" Recap: Oliver Is Being Framed

Season 6 Episode 7 "Best Man" Recap: Oliver Is Being Framed

Season 6 Episode 6 "Best Man" (air date: August 6, 2015) starts out on a happy note, with a boisterous party celebrating Sam and Andy's engagement. Sam gets down on one knee to ask Oliver to be his best man! But then Andy realizes she's lost her engagement ring, and doesn't want Sam to find out. The next day, Commissioner Santana confronts Noelle about placing Juliet Ward, and IA officer, at 15 Division without informing him, and demands Ward's report by the end of the day. Noelle breaks the bad news to Sam that Juliet's report says that only one officer could have set that bomb: Oliver Shaw. Sam and Andy realize they're in a race to find missing explosives supplier Chris Klem before the end of the day, so they can identify the real culprit and clear Oliver.

Back at the station, Oliver and his officers are gearing up to search for a missing boy, Evan. His mother hides the fact that Evan is on the autism spectrum, believing the police will assume Evan wandered off, but her ex-husband spills the beans. The officers search a neighbor's home, but find nothing. Eventually a lead takes Oliver and Nick to a junkyard, searching for items picked up from Evan's neighborhood by a junk collector that day. Oliver's quick wits help him locate Evan, who was passed out in a wardrobe, before it's too late.


Oliver Saves a Life


While waiting for a lead on Klem's daughter's location, Sam asks Andy about her missing ring. She blames an allergy to precious metals, but Sam sees right through her lie. In fact, he has a surprise for her. He found her ring, and he's attached a special security feature to make sure Andy never loses it again!


Andy Loses Her Engagement Ring


After Sam and Andy miraculously locate missing witness Chris Klem, the only name he can give them is Oliver Shaw. They are out of time, and with heavy hearts they walk into Oliver's office to break the news that he's being framed. Oliver is stunned to learn that the job he's devoted 20 years of his life to is betraying him so completely.


Oliver Finds Out He's Being Framed


Traci is driving Chris Klem and his daughter Ava to a safe house when Klem reacts to a photo of Steve Peck on her phone. He's terrified and confused, because he recognizes Steve as "Oliver Shaw," the man who bought the explosives used in the 15 Division evidence room bomb. Steve is the man whom Klem and his daughter are running from. After the shocking revelation, Traci struggles to keep it together while greeting the boyfriend she thought she knew.


Is Steve Peck the Dirty Cop?


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The Cast of Rookie Blue: Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally, Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein, Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck, Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash, Travis Milne as Chris Diaz, Peter Mooney as Nick Collins, Ben Bass as Sam Swarek, and Priscilla Faia as Chloe Price.

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