season 01

An amnesiac discovers she's not very well liked.

S2 E20 - With This Ring
On Andrea's wedding day, Sam is at a crossroads.
07.24.09 | 21m
S2 E19 - The Other Woman
Sam tries to be cordial to Winston's ex-wife Gigi.
07.24.09 | 21m
S2 E18 - The First Date
Sam's boss tries to rekindle their past romance.
07.10.09 | 21m
S2 E17 - The Dream Job
Sam regrets hiring Andrea to work for the foundation.
07.10.09 | 21m
S2 E16 - The Sister
Sam learns about her aunt and a grandmother.
07.03.09 | 21m
S2 E15 - Todd's Job
Sam sabotages Todd's competition for a job.
07.03.09 | 21m
S1 E15 - The Birthday
Samantha puts her relationship with Todd on hold.
05.13.08 | 21m
S1 E14 - The Affair
Andrea considers opening a coffee shop with Dena.
05.06.08 | 21m
S2 E14 - The Rock Star
Sam starts dating a rock superstar.
06.27.09 | 21m
S1 E13 - The Gallery Show
Sam brings a stranger to Todd's photo gallery exhibit.
04.29.08 | 21m
S2 E13 - The Debt
Sam loses big at the craps table in Las Vegas.
04.17.09 | 21m
S1 E12 - The Butterflies
Sam can't understand why Todd is ignoring her.
04.22.08 | 21m
S2 E12 - The Amazing Racist
Sam discovers she needs to be a better friend to Frank.
04.10.09 | 21m
S1 E11 - The Boss
The firm's wealthy co-owner asks Samantha to marry him.
04.15.08 | 21m
S2 E11 - The Dog
Sam borrows Dena's dog to learn if she is a nurturer.
04.03.09 | 21m
S1 E10 - The Girlfriend
Sam must move back into an apartment with her ex.
04.08.08 | 21m
S2 E10 - My Best Friend's Boyfriend
Todd discovers something peculiar about Andrea's date.
03.27.09 | 21m
S1 E9 - The Break-Up
Samantha risks a relationship by moving too fast.
12.11.07 | 21m
S2 E9 - The Family Vacation
Sam goes on a family vacation with Andrea and Dena.
12.02.08 | 21m
S1 E8 - The Car
Samantha covers up an accident with her father's car.
12.04.07 | 21m
S2 E8 - The Park
Sam struggles with impressing her boyfriend.
06.20.09 | 21m
S1 E7 - The Hockey Date
Samantha turns to Todd for dating advice.
11.27.07 | 21m
S2 E7 - The Farm
Sam stays with her parents when Todd's mother visits.
11.26.08 | 21m
S1 E6 - The Hypnotherapist
Todd makes a surprising confession to Sam.
11.20.07 | 21m
S2 E6 - The Ex
Sam learns Owen's best friend is also his ex-girlfriend.
06.20.09 | 21m
S2 E5 - Help!
Howard advises Todd on how to win back Sam's affections.
11.11.08 | 21m
S1 E5 - The Restraining Order
Sam tries to win her father's love and affection.
11.13.07 | 21m
S1 E4 - The Virgin
Sam realizes that she has no memory of sex.
11.06.07 | 21m
S2 E4 - The Building
Samantha teams up with Regina in a real estate business.
06.13.09 | 21m
S2 E3 - The Pill
Sam is given pills to regain some of her memories.
06.13.09 | 21m
S1 E3 - The Wedding
Sam is a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding.
10.30.07 | 21m
S2 E2 - Out of Africa
Samantha decides to go to Africa to be a volunteer.
06.06.09 | 21m
S1 E2 - The Job
Samantha tries to change being a workaholic.
10.23.07 | 21m
S2 E1 - So I Think I Can Dance
Samantha teams with her mother in a dance competition.
06.06.09 | 21m
S1 E1 - Pilot
An amnesiac awakens to a family she does not remember.
10.16.07 | 22m