Amanda Tanner - "Sweet Baby"

Amanda Tanner - "Sweet Baby"

Olivia Pope and Associates are known for taking on some of the toughest scandals anywhere. Politicians, generals, even infamous madames come to her for help. But one case changed everything for Olivia and her team--Amanda Tanner.

Old friend and White House Chief of Staff Cyrus Beene contacted Olivia, asking for her help. An intern named Amanda Tanner was claiming that she had an affair with President Fitzgerald Grant, Olivia's former boss--and lover. She insisted on meeting with the President, in-person, so that she could look him in the eyes when he denied the affair. At the meeting, Fitz was insistent that the affair never happened and Olivia believed him. She said her gut felt like he was telling the truth and her gut is "never wrong."

Olivia met Amanda in a park, threatening her with what would happen if she continued to claim that she had an affair with the President of the United States. Amanda was terrified, but insisted that the affair had happened. When Olivia refused to hear her out, Amanda attempted suicide. Olivia sent her newest team member, Quinn Perkins, to watch over her, and when Quinn told Olivia that she believed Amanda and that Amanda had expected the President to come see her and call her "sweet baby" again, the world changed. Fitz used to use the same expression with Olivia when the two of them had been having an affair. Olivia's gut was wrong.

Olivia, angry that she had been lied to and manipulated, took Amanda on as a client.

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