Amanda Tanner - "Hell Hath No Fury"

Amanda Tanner - "Hell Hath No Fury"

Olivia has got to deal with her new reporter problem on the Amanda Tanner case. Gideon Wallace isn’t going anywhere, so she offers him background and a quote in exchange for him holding off for 72 hours. He agrees, but he’s still got eyes for Quinn. Olivia notices, so she sends Quinn on a date with the handsome, young reporter with orders to flirt out information. But Quinn is probably the world’s worst flirter and Gideon sees through it all.

Amanda has demands of her own. She wants a face-to-face with the President, which is a pretty tough sell, but Olivia manages to get Cyrus to agree to it. That is until he receives an audio CD in his personal mail that features the President in the throes of passion with a woman who is certainly not the First Lady. Cyrus assumes this a blackmail attempt from Amanda and Olivia. The meeting is off!

But the First Lady invites Olivia to a ball at the White House and the President can’t resist a chance to spend time with his secret love. He arranges for the two of them to meet in secret, but Cyrus heads that off and has Olivia escorted out. He then tells President Grant that it was Olivia who cancelled the meeting. He’s playing hardball.

And he’s going to need to, because Amanda finally tells Olivia how she can prove she slept with the President—she’s pregnant.

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