Amanda Tanner - "Crash and Burn"

Amanda Tanner - "Crash and Burn"

Amanda Tanner is missing and it doesn’t take long for Huck to determine that she’s been kidnapped. When he starts investigating, he turns up some surveillance footage that shows an old colleague from Huck’s mysterious spy days. When Huck meets with the man, who goes by the name Charlie—“as in Manson”—it becomes clear that Amanda Tanner is dead.

Huck breaks the news to Olivia just before Amanda’s father, Hank, arrives in the office looking for his daughter. Quinn reassures him that everything will be ok, but that’s before she hears the news herself. Olivia, fuming, makes it clear to President Fitzgerald that she knows he was behind this. Fitz seems totally shocked by the news of Amanda’s death and says he didn’t have anything to do with it. Olivia tells him that he knows who did—Cyrus.

Olivia asks Huck to help her find Amanda’s body, which will mean torturing Charlie for the information. Huck agrees, but they both know how much it’s going to hurt him to do it. Huck is cold and brutally efficient at getting the information from Charlie, and soon Olivia and her team help the authorities find Amanda’s body. Everyone is devastated and Huck retreats even more than usual after having had to cross that line.

When Fitz confronts Cyrus about Amanda’s death, he claims he didn’t have anything to do with it, but he’s not sad that it happened. He also shows the President a tape the blackmailer sent with Nixon’s resignation speech on it. The blackmailer’s demands are clear.

Olivia learns that Amanda’s death will be ruled a suicide. Stephen also finds out from the medical examiner that Amanda was definitely pregnant, but the baby wasn’t the President’s. Just as that shocking revelation hits her, Fitz knocks on her door.
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