Amanda Tanner - "The Trail"

Amanda Tanner - "The Trail"

The President is at Olivia’s door and he wants her to hear the sex tape he wasn’t sent as a blackmail threat, supposedly of him and Amanda Tanner having sex.

But as we turn back the clock a few years to when Fitz and Olivia first met and follow them as they slowly begin to fall in love with each other, we wind up in a hotel room on the campaign trail and a night where Olivia and Fitz spend the night together. Little did they know, someone was making an audio recording of the whole night.

A little while later, we see Billy Chambers, the campaign manager of Fitz’s former primary opponent—and currently his Vice President—Sally Langston, receiving the recording from a young intern. Her name? Amanda Tanner. Billy urges Sally to use the recording against Fitz to win the Republican nomination for the Presidency, but she refuses without even hearing what’s on it. She’s already accepted the role of Fitz’s Vice Presidential running mate.

Back in the present, Olivia listens to the tape and realizes it’s not Fitz and Amanda Tanner on that recording. It’s Fitz and HER!

Meanwhile, Gideon, the plucky young reporter that Quinn is not-so-secretly dating, is still digging into Amanda Tanner’s death when he figures out that she had a boyfriend. He calls Billy Chambers and tells him he wants to meet. Billy shows up at Gideon’s apartment and Gideon tells him he knows that Billy was dating Amanda Tanner and gets Billy to admit to leaking information that was damaging to the President. Gideon realizes that Billy sent Amanda to seduce the President to discredit him and force him to resign, making Sally Langston the new President of the United States. When Gideon makes the accusation and tells Billy that Amanda was 13-weeks pregnant with a baby that wasn’t the President’s, Billy loses it and stabs Gideon in the neck before running out.
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