Amanda Tanner - "Grant: For the People"

Amanda Tanner - "Grant: For the People"

Quinn returns to Gideon’s apartment to find him dying. When he does, she calls for help, but not from the police. Olivia and the team arrive and it’s decided to wipe the scene of the crime to protect Quinn’s real identity. Just who is Quinn Perkins?

Billy Chambers goes to work and hands his boss, the Vice President, a note which she doesn’t read right away. He then calls a press conference and resigns, stating that he had an affair with Amanda Tanner and she was pregnant with his child. He then accuses the President of seducing her, leading to her suicide. Fitz knows he’s in serious trouble now, and he calls the only person who can help him—Olivia Pope.

Billy releases the audio tape claiming it’s Fitz and Amanda Tanner on it. The President doesn’t want to lie about the affair, but Olivia doesn’t want to let Billy get away with murder, even if she and her team had to clean it up. She calls in the team and all of them set to work. Huck asks if she would like him to deal with Billy, and she makes him promise he won’t kill him. Huck promises he won’t kill Billy Chambers, but he does meet up with Charlie one more time.

Olivia and the First Lady concoct a story to fix the damage Billy has done. Mellie goes on television and asserts that it is her on the tape, and that Billy Chambers recorded them in an effort to disgrace the President. It’s good, but it’s not enough. Olivia also leverages some dirt on Sally Langston’s daughter to get the Vice President to publicly back Fitz and denounce Billy. He’s stunned. Imagine his surprise later when he realizes he just stepped into an elevator with Charlie.

It seems like the story of Amanda Tanner is coming to a close. The mystery of her involvement with the President and her murder seems to be solved. But later we see a man arrive at Cyrus’ house and meet with him in his garden. It’s Charlie, and he wants the rest of the money for taking care of Amanda Tanner. It seems like the Chief of Staff’s hands are plenty dirty, and it’s not just from gardening.

Meanwhile, we and Olivia’s team wait to find out the truth about their newest member, Quinn Perkins.
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