Case File - Quinn Perkins: "The Other Woman"

Case File - Quinn Perkins: "The Other Woman"

After the shocking conclusion to her trial, Quinn is hiding out in Olivia's apartment, impatiently waiting for everything to blow over. But while Pope and Associates has to move on to the next case and more clients, Quinn can't help but think of her past—her true past. Lindsay Dwyer's past.

Against Olivia's wishes, Quinn runs home to California. Having taken on a new identity to escape the law, she hasn't seen her family in years. When she finally reunites with her father, she doesn't quite get the warm welcome she was hoping for. The fact is, no matter how much he loves her, he can't reconcile the fact that she ran. He can't make himself believe that she really is innocent, or forgive her so easily for leaving her family behind.

Instead of going to her sister's house, Quinn finds herself standing outside the motel where she had been abducted and taken to D.C. To her surpise, Huck finds her there—which we know is because he was the one who abducted her in the first place and under Olivia's orders it would seem. He tells her the hard truth that it wasn't 7 people killed by that bomb, it was 8. Lindsay Dwyer and that life are gone. It's time to go home. Quinn tearfully heads back to Washington.

Meanwhile, Olivia secretly meets with Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton under the auspices of prepping her for a TV interview. Justice Thornton asks for an update on Quinn and says she had a mind to let Quinn hang for the bombing. So what held her back? Apparently Quinn knows something—whether she knows she knows it or not—that could threaten the entire U.S. government!

What is it? What could Quinn possibly know? If you've got a theory, share it in the comments!
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