7 Best Highlights from Olivia's Wardrobe

7 Best Highlights from Olivia's Wardrobe

Work it, girl! Olivia Pope is arguably the best-dressed woman in Washington D.C. Whether it’s a gown from Dior or from the hospital, she knows how to rock her style. Here we pulled together Olivia’s best looks from Scandal Season 2. WARNING: Hide your wallet and freeze your credit cards before reading this article. You may experience a strong urge to splurge.


Highlight #7

Best Dress:
Escada Gorinn Gown for Spring 2013 Collection

Just take our money and give us that dress!


Highlight #6

 Best Dress Runner Up:
Michael Kors Ivory Dress

Olivia and Fitz are SO ready to dance in this black & white ensemble.


Highlight #5

Best Outerwear/Handbag:
Salvatore Ferragamo  Cream Pearl Cashmere
And Wool Blend Coat + Prada Saffiano Tote

Where do we get a degree in Political Fixing?


Highlight #4

Best Business Casual:
Christian Dior Navy Bar Jacket

The woman knows how to wear black and white better than a zebra.


Highlight #3

Best Casual Top:
Escada Norris Blouse 

No Jake, don’t take it off herit looks too good!


Highlight #2

Best Loungewear:
Donna Karan Hooded Cashmere

Is it a jacket? A sweater? A shawl? Why even care if it looks that good?


Highlight #1

Best Athletic Wear:
Lululemon Forme Jacket

Even when she’s running, she’s ready for the runway. Of course it’s a given that earphones need to match the track jacket.
You are a fashion god, Olivia Pope.



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