What the Huck?! The Scariest, Kinkiest, Huckiest Moments of Season 3

What the Huck?! The Scariest, Kinkiest, Huckiest Moments of Season 3

Being a political fixer is hard enough, but former black op assassin Huck comes with a little extra baggage. Sure, most of the time the AA meetings help him deal with his urge to kill. But when he finds out he was lied to by the one person he trusts, or he has to torture his best friend, he gets a little...intense.

From his fallout with Olivia to his to an unexpected romance that includes light torture, spitting, and lots of licking, it's been a big year for Huck. Here are some of our favorite moments from the Gladiator everyone loves to fear.

6) Is Your Father Command?
When Quinn digs into Olivia's history, Huck realizes Olivia lied to him. He violently confronts Olivia, who finally admits her father is Command. 



5) Don't Worry, I'm Not Here to Kill You. I'm All Killed Out Today.
Huck breaks down, revealing to Olivia that her father still controls him and has gotten him to kill again. At least he promised to write his victim a beautiful suicide note.


4) You've Been a Bad Girl
As Huck prepares to torture Quinn, he apologizes in advance for how much he's going to enjoy it — he's never gotten to do this with someone he loves before. What's a little late night teeth-pulling and icky face-licking between fiends? As the kids say, "YOLO."


3) I Came Here to Put You Down
Despite Huck's best efforts to scare Quinn straight with late night teeth-pulling and face-licking, Quinn won't leave B613. He thinks she's broken and the only way to fix her is to kill her. But Huck changes his mind when he realizes she wanted to get caught breaking into OPA. Somewhere deep down, Huck says, Quinn is still a Gladiator. She responds by spitting a giant loogie onto his face, which leads them to a hot and heavy make out session. 


2) I Want Him to Let You Go
After their creepy tongue tango, Huck has changed his mind about Quinn: he wants Command to set her free. His flip-flop confuses Quinn, so she gives him a taste of what it feels like to be played with by licking his face. Remember when Huck was a surrogate big brother to a wide-eyed Quinn? Neither do we.



1) I Want You
Huck and Quinn verbally tussle about her doing a job alone, but they both know that's not what the fight is about. "If you want it, say it!" Quinn hurls at him as she slaps his face. He finally admits he wants her, and the two go at it on the hood of Quinn's car. Huckleberry Quinn, anyone?


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