Liv's Love Life Breakdown: Fitz or Jake?

Liv's Love Life Breakdown: Fitz or Jake?

The Season 3 finale episode of Scandal is here, and we still don't have an answer: does Olivia belong with Fitz or Jake? In fact, the issue is growing murkier than ever, as Olivia just admitted she feels something for Jake in Episode 317: Flesh and Blood. So how does a confident, intelligent, take-no-prisoners woman like Olivia Pope decide who the right man for her is? A side-by-side comparison, perhaps? Let's look at the evidence in support of Liv's relationships with each man. Chime in with your opinions in the comments!

Hottest Lovemaking Session

Who does Olivia have the best chemistry with, Fitz or Jake? Watching the clips below will help you decide whose chemistry with Olivia is off the charts.

Liv Sneaks into Jake's Apartment and Seduces Him
(for the Greater Good, of course)

Olivia shows up at Jake's apartment late at night with one goal in mind: getting the code that will destroy B613. But seducing Jake Ballard is no chore for Olivia, who later admits she has feelings for him. Check out the clip below to watch it all unfold. It doesn't get any hotter than that... or does it?


Liv and Fitz Fall into Each Others' Arms in Vermont

There's not a lot of explanation needed for this one. After a long time apart, Fitz and Olivia's anger gives way and they passionately reunite in the house Fitz built in Vermont.



Sexiest Sad 

Which scenes really broke Olivia's (and our) heart this season? Was it when Jake admonished her for not saving him? Or when Fitz told Olivia he wouldn't lose her again... and that he can't win without her?

Jake Needs Olivia to Save Him

A melancholy Jake shows up at Olivia's door in the middle of the night. He says he misses her, but she won't let him inside because he is Command. "You kill my friends," she says. Finally, the most tragic moment of all... when a defeated Jake leans against her door and says, "I asked you to save me... and you said no."



Fitz Won't Win without Olivia

An emotional Olivia tells Fitz she has to resign as his campaign manager because of the press scrutiny on them, but he won't let her leave. "I am not losing you again!" he says, despite the effect the negative publicity could have on his campaign. Later he gazes into her eyes and fiercely tells her, "I won't win without you!"



Most Romantic Confession

It's going to be tough for Olivia to choose between Fitz and Jake, two handsome, powerful guys who sure know how to make a girl feel special. What would you choose? Jake's simple and honest declaration of love, or Fitz's grand romantic gesture? Check out two of the top romantic moments from Season 3 in the clips below and let us know if you're Team Fitz or Team Jake when it comes to adding a little romance to a relationship.

Jake Tells Olivia He Loves Her

While everything is blowing up around them in true Scandal style, Jake wants Olivia to know the truth: he loves her. Even though her father put him in a hole in the ground for months, despite her past with Fitz, he loved her, and he still does.



Fitz Built a House for Olivia

Olivia and Fitz are in the midst of an argument about all the toxic secrets they've been keeping from each other when Fitz suddenly reveals that he had the amazing house they're currently fighting in built for her and their future life together. Suddenly, Olivia finds herself falling for Fitzgerald Grant all over again.



Are you standing #Olitz or #Olake?

So, after watching the clips, who do you think Olivia belongs with?

Olivia has a long, passionate, and dramatic past with Fitz, but is there a future for them? There are 4 more years in the White House and some considerations for Mellie that are putting a hold on any near future jam-making. But we just can't forget this Rose Garden scene from Season 2! There's something incredible between these two.

Or should Olivia embark on an exciting new relationship with the newly unemployed (but always sexy) Jake Ballard? Conveniently, she does happen to already be sitting next to him on a one-way flight to a new life. Given the chance, could he be her everything? Admittedly, when his shirt is off, there's not much else we're worried about...

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