Gladiator Report: Scandal Season Finale Recap for The Price of Free and Fair Elections

Gladiator Report: Scandal Season Finale Recap for The Price of Free and Fair Elections

Welcome to the Gladiator Report for the Season 3 finale “The Price of Free and Fair Elections” episode of Scandal. We delivered a list of The 60 Most Shockingly Scandalous Moments of Season 3 pre-finale. Now we’re tacking on 20 more from the explosive season-ender. WARNING! There are spoilers here. Enjoy!

#20 TICK…TICK…TICK. There are less than 14 minutes before a bomb detonates. Cyrus is about to say something to Fitz when Jake storms in. He briefs the President on the emergency. An evacuation of the church is initiated. TICK… TICK… TICK… BOOM!

#19 Sally the hero. Chaos engulfs the area surrounding the church after the bomb blows. Sally Langston is unscathed until Leo Bergen scuffs her up a bit. This is their moment. Sally embraces it by tending to the wounded as cameras roll.

#18 Compelling television. The footage at the church is so gripping that all the major networks bail on Fitz’s address to the nation to cover Sally’s heroic efforts on the front line. Olivia is furious. Then she’s defeated. She knows this is the end. Olivia tells Fitz that there’s no way he’s going to win the election.

#17 Rowan tells Olivia he loves her. Rowan is rushed into surgery. After he pulls through, we learn the former head of the most lethal organization in the land is the kind of dad who’d do anything for his daughter.


#16 Harrison and Adnan. Harrison convinces Adnan to spare his life so he can save her from Maya. That doesn’t exactly work out.

#15 Huck and Quinn. Harrison meets up with Abby at the office where the two of them catch Huck and Quinn doing it about 15 feet from where Rowan was stabbed. It’s a bit of a turn on for them. Abby orders everything to be cleaned up in the most Abby-ish of ways.

#14 The secret is out. Once Fitz realizes he’s going to lose the election, the dream of a life in Vermont takes on a new life until Olivia can stay silent no more.


#13 Fitz is Jerry’s dad. Mellie assures her husband that the paternity test proved that Fitz is the father of their son. She also lets him know that she fought Big Jerry. None of that matters now. Fitz holds his wife close.

#12 Hold the jam. Vermont will have to wait. There’s no way Fitz can leave Mellie now. All he can do during a phone call with Olivia is declare his love for her and stay on the line for one minute.


#11 A death in the First Family. At Fitz’s political rally, his son Jerry starts wheezing. Blood trickles from his nose and mouth. Mellie screams for Fitz as their son collapses to the ground. He’s rushed to the hospital where he is pronounced dead from an attack of bacterial meningitis. The blame is placed on Maya Pope.

#10 Vengeance is coming. Rowan doesn’t like the president, but he knows what he would do if someone hurt his child. He vows to get vengeance for him. He vows to kill Maya Pope. Fitz gives him his blessing to do just that.

#9 What kind of people are we? Olivia is ashamed that the first thing she thought about after Jerry died was that they just won the election. She’s devastated to learn that her mother is the one who killed the president’s child. She asks her father if his past offer to put her on a plane to a new life is still on the table.

#8 A real family. Charlie gives Quinn an envelope that he says will make it impossible for her and Huck to ever be happy together. The contents lead to the family Huck always thought he had. They are real. The only word Huck can muster to the past love of his life is a weak “hi.”

#7 Olivia quits OPA. Abby isn’t happy. Huck is stoic. Okay, that’s normal. No more “over a cliff” moments on the horizon.


#6 Maya is caught. Rowan shows Harrison a picture of a dead Adnan Salif to convince him to help track down Maya. He later tells the president that she was taken away and killed.

#5 A command performance. Everything worked out perfectly for Rowan. A little too perfectly. Harrison figures this out a little too late.


#4 Tom foolery. Harrison realizes that Rowan is the one who killed the president’s son. He did it with the help of Secret Service/B613 man Tom, who is the most quietly lethal man in Washington.

#3 Jake asks to be saved…Take 2. There was a point where Jake stood outside of Liv’s door declaring that he asked her to save him and she said no. Jake was down, but not out. See him take another swing at the plate.


#2 Jake gives David a parting gift. It’s boxloads of B613 files with a note that reads “go get the bad guys.”

#1 Four more years. Fitz wins his second term. Cyrus and his entire campaign team are overjoyed. As for the big winner, he’s not feeling very presidential as he falls to his knees on the floor of the Oval Office.



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