Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 11: Mellie Versus Susan Ross for President

Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 11: Mellie Versus Susan Ross for President

Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 9 Recap|The biggest moments from the Season 5 winter finale of Scandal!|Watch this recap of Scandal Season 5 Episode 9 to see the most shocking moments from the Scandal winter finale! Mellie takes over the Senate floor and makes history through a painful filibuster. Huck and Rowan face off while Jake walks back into Rowan's circle. Most shocking of all, Olivia and Fitz realize some things were better left as they were. No more jam in Vermont as Fitz and Olivia break up... Scandal returns with all-new episodes THURSDAY FEBRUARY 11 9|8c.

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 11 “The Candidate” (original airdate February 18, 2016). The key to any great story is developing conflict. Mellie Grant and her own personal gladi-editor, Olivia Pope, are off to a fine start in that regard. In other news, Cyrus makes a decision, Fitz has a not-so-secret admirer and we finally get to see the inside of a Gettysburger! The restaurant, not the actual burger (way too gross). Let’s get to all the highlights in The Gladiator Report!

Workin’ It: Olivia advises Mellie to let the readers of her book into the deepest, darkest corner of her soul. She wants her to tell the world why she stayed with Fitz after she discovered he had taken up with a mistress. After revealing that she knew all about Vermont, a somewhat hammered Mellie shows up at Olivia’s to declare that she stayed with Fitz because it was working. See what she means.

Hoochie Mamas: Mellie lets Olivia know that she was a great mistress. Probably because she’s such an overachiever. After downing her fair share of hooch, Olivia admits that she was happy that Mellie stuck around because it always gave her an out. She left for the same reason Mellie stayed. It’s because she was scared. Olivia realizes that’s what Mellie needs to write.

A Double Lincoln, Freedom Fries and Union Rings for Here: Elizabeth wants David to convince Susan Ross to run for president. After all, the veep is in love with him. So, David asks Susan out on a date. After much debate, they head on over to Gettysburger. Finally, we get to see what the place looks like! Who knew they had a cozy little make out booth right in the center of the joint?

A Heavy Cy: Cyrus is against the president doing an interview with ambitious journalist Lillian Forrester (guest star Annabeth Gish). He wants to make the most of what little time they have left in the White House. Cy’s passionate speech has little effect on Fitz. It leaves him feeling devastated.

Chicks Dig Guys with Big White Houses: Lillian begins her interview with Fitz. Then she stops it. She admits she has an enormous crush on him. Fitz asks Lillian out on a date. He’s no Andrew Shepherd when he does this, but the prez gets the job done. Wonder if they’ll end up in that make out booth at Gettysburger.

He’s in a Keystone State of Mind: Cyrus tells Fitz that his cousin just died. He has to go. Now. The place he actually has to go to is Pennsylvania. He observes the governor of the state win over a hostile crowd at a town hall meeting. The guy is good. Perhaps even good enough to be President of the United States.

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