Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 13: Olivia and Fitz Come Face to Face

Scandal Recap Season 5 Episode 13: Olivia and Fitz Come Face to Face

Welcome to the official Scandal recap for Season 5, Episode 13 “The Fish Rots from the Head” episode (original airdate March 10, 2016). Fitz is making the most of his presidential position by entertaining a revolving door of Washington women in that big white house where he currently resides. Olivia wonders what Jake’s motives are regarding his girlfriend. And Cyrus Beene will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Nothing new there. For all that is new though, let’s get to all the highlights in The Gladiator Report!

The Presidential Playboy Mansion: Mellie brings her young son, Teddy, over to see his dad. Unfortunately, Fitz wasn’t expecting this visit as evidenced by the fact that Lisa from the Treasury Department pops out into the bedroom wearing nothing but a fluffy little White House robe.

Mellie Gives Fitz a Warning|Mellie catches Fitz in a compromising situation.|Mellie (Bellamy Young) brings Teddy to see Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and is surprised to catch him with a blonde wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Mellie tells Fitz he can do whatever he wants, but he better keep his lady friends away from her children. From Season 5, Episode 13, "The Fish Rots From the Head" of Scandal ABC THURSDAYS 9|8c.

Just Stopped by to Not Say Hi: A White House meeting between Olivia and Fitz is arranged. Small talk ensues. They also chat about the president’s recent transgressions as well as the fact that Olivia and Mellie are currently in cahoots. Things quickly deteriorate. Olivia knows it’s time to leave, but not before she lays out the truth.

The Spy Who Loved Me: Olivia spies on Jake and his new lady love. She wants to know what he’s up to. Jake breaks into Olivia’s place. He knows she’s been spying on him. He also knows no one will ever do for her what he can do for her. Jake begins an intense seduction, but it doesn’t last.

He’s Back!: Fitz invites Susan Ross in to see him. He assures her that she has his endorsement to be president. She may not want it right now, but Fitz will earn her respect by being the president, and the man, who is worthy of it.

A Greater Calling: The reason Governor Vargas doesn’t want to run for president is because his 5-year-old daughter is sick with cancer. Cyrus tells the tale of how his paralyzed brother shaped the course of his life by answering a calling that goes beyond himself, beyond his family. It’s a truly moving story, and it accomplishes its purpose.

The Marrying Man: As mentioned, Olivia wants to know what Jake is doing with his new girlfriend. Well, one thing he may have on the agenda is booking a nice spot to honeymoon—perhaps on an island.

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